How to Decide Between a Below Ground Swimming Pool or Above Ground Swimming Pool

If you’re getting ready to purchase a swimming pool for your home, then you’ll want to read this article. We will discuss the differences between below ground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools. After reading this article you should be able to decide which type of swimming pool would be best for you. The first type of swimming pool to consider would be the above ground pool.

The beauty of the above ground swimming pool is that they are relatively easy to install. The average homeowner can install an above ground swimming pool in one day. Of course, if the ground is not level then there will have to be some excavation that needs to be done before the pool is installed.

Above ground pools are less expensive to purchase then below ground swimming pools with prices ranging from around $1000-$7000. Above ground swimming pools usually come in only two styles, round or oval. They are also easy to work on and maintain. Also, if they start leaking, it’s usually easy to detect where the leak is coming from. Another great feature of the above ground pool is that you have the option of constructing a deck around the perimeter that will provide easier access and also add to its beauty. The next type of swimming pool to consider would be the below ground type.

If your budget allows, you may decide to have a below ground swimming pool constructed. Below ground swimming pools are much more expensive to construct and usually start at around $28,000. Contractors will need to be hired, permits need to be pulled and the construction will usually take weeks to complete.

There are many advantages in deciding to construct a below ground pool. Below ground swimming pools will add value to your home, are much more durable than above ground pools and can be constructed in a variety of styles and sizes. Another great feature of below ground swimming pools is that you can become very creative with your landscaping by adding waterfalls, trees, shrubs or even an adjoining Jacuzzi.

Regardless of the pool you decide to install, both types will require a fair amount of maintenance. It will be very important that you perform scheduled maintenance on your pool and that your chemicals are balanced on a daily basis. Chemicals can be added by hand, mechanical feeders or automatic controllers/feeders. Below ground pools usually have more technical circulating and chemical systems than above ground pools.

So there you have it, a brief comparison between below ground swimming pools and above ground swimming pools. With this information you can now better decide on your upcoming swimming pool purchase.

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