Alternatives to Botox

When trying to decide what to do to make yourself feel and look younger, you should know that there are many alternatives to such drastic steps as using botox. If you use botox you are allowing someone to inject the botox into the desired area of improvement. It then paralyzes the area for up to six months and so prevents the skin from wrinkling. This is certainly not a permanent solution and is a rather strange thing to do to oneself for a few months of fake youthfulness when there are so many other alternatives to botox!

Before picking one of the alternatives to botox you must be certain what overall effects you are hoping for. The alternatives available to you must succeed in giving you the appearance you crave. There are so many alternatives to try instead of using botox. Collagen is probably one of the most well known and most used alternatives to botox. Even it has alternatives as it can be used two different ways. You can use anti-aging creams that have collagen in them. This will improve the skin’s elasticity. Or you can have collagen injections. The collagen injections fill out the wrinkles from the inside, making the skin look and feel wrinkle free. Unlike when using botox, collagen injections do not wear out after a few months. This is one of the permanent alternatives worth considering.

Another one of the alternatives to using botox is dermabrasion. This process consists of removing the topmost layer of skin by using a fast spinning brush. By removing this top layer of skin a new fresh layer is now seen. This can remove scars and rejuvenate a person’s face. Laser skin resurfacing is similar to dermabrasion, but like botox, it works on the wrinkles as well. It can improve wrinkles, remove scars and treat age spots or skin cancers, making this another of the alternatives worth considering.

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