Discount Prescription Drug Plans

Wouldn’t life be better if no one got sick and we didn’t have to spend a good chunk of our paychecks into paying for prescription drugs weekly, monthly and yearly. There is hope ahead. There are many discount prescription plans that may not only help you, but may also cover your family. Some can be used in stores you go to daily such as: Target, K-mart, and CVS. Read below to get the scoop.

Veterans Advantage Prescription Plan- This is a discount prescription plan for Veterans and their families. There’s no enrollment fee. There is a fee of $39.95 annually with a processing fee of $3.95 for all members of the family to be enrolled. There’s no extra paperwork to fill out once you’re a member. You simply bring your card when you pick up your prescriptions and the discount is taken off. The V.A.P.P is not an insurance. The plan covers over 800 brand name medications but it’s a good idea to check first. And also to check if your pharmacy participates in the plan.

Great Med Plan offers not only discounts on prescription but also on dental and vision plans. The average discount is 40-50% off your prescription drugs. The plans even can cover the entire household. Prescription plans costs around $99.00 a year. When you enroll in this plan, you are automatically enrolled for free the vision service plan. The vision plan can help you save money in the areas of : eye exams, contact lenses, frames, lenses and other materials such as accessories. The dental plans can offer a savings of up to 65% at the dentist! There is an annual fee of $119.00 a year. But if you choose a dental plan and not a prescription plan, you still get the vision package free.

Online Choice is a prescription plan that is free to join. You aren’t asked any health questions. You can use it as often as you need and there’s no claim forms or income limitations to deal with. It’s pretty simple to sign up. All you do is print out a card, bring it when you pick up your next prescription and save. When you receive your card, you also have a list of participating pharmacies. The good thing about Online Choice is your still eligible regardless of your past health and or medications. Online choice also offers other discount plans.

Rx Drug Card has a saving of up to 80% off prescription drugs. The price is $4.50 a month for single and $4.95 for married/family. You’re allowed 30 days to test the plan out. It’s guaranteed for anyone to be accepted. There’s no limits and no waiting for reimbursements.

But keep in mind when shopping around to save money that some places do not honor cards. Before enrolling check around to make sure the plan you’ve chosen will work. Remember that discount plans are not health insurance. Talk to your health insurance agent to help figure out the best plan for you and your family.

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