Amazing Household Uses for Lemons & Lemon Juice

Lemons are not just for making a pitcher of lemonade anymore. Besides its obvious uses for making lemonade and adding zing to our tea, lemons have many more uses around the house. Use it to remove tough food stains from cutting boards or to remove a fishy smell from your hands after you’ve prepared or eaten a meal from the sea.

Health Benefits

Feeling backed up? Put a few drops of lemon juice in a cup of warm water before breakfast and sweeten with honey. This will provide great relief. Do you have a nagging cough? Combine four tablespoons of lemon juice, one cup of honey and 1/2 cup of olive oil. Heat this mixture for five minutes, then stir for two minutes. Repeat this process every two hours. Sandpaper hands and achy feet? Prepare a lemon juice rinse and then massage with olive oil.Lemon Juice is great for pimples. A little dab’ll do ya. Apply a dab on the affected area a few times a day.Poison Ivy can be relieved by applying lemon juice over the entire affected area. This should relieve itching and take care of the rash.

Make your own disinfectant with lemon juice and a cotton ball. This mixture should stop bleeding and clean minor wounds.
Fingernails can turn yellow and brittle with repeated manicures and polish. Soak your nails in lemon juice for ten minutes and then dip them in a mixture of vinegar and warm water. This should whiten, brighten, and strengthen your fingernails.
If you are a messy chef, lemon juice is great for removing fruit or berry stains on your hands.

Make your own blonde highlights with 1/4 cup lemon juice and 3/4 cups of water. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and mist your locks. Speed up the highlighting process by sitting in the sun for 30 minutes to an hour.Lemon Juice is great for blackhead removal. Before turning in for the night, apply lemon juice to your face. In the morning, wash your face with cool water.White flakes on your shoulders? Make your own dandruff treatment with one tablespoon of lemon juice. Shampoo and rinse. Rinse again with a mixture of two tablespoons lemon juice and two cups of water. Repeat this procedure every other day until the dandruff goes away.

Cleaning Benefits

For ink spots on clothing, apply lots of lemon juice to the stain as soon as possible. Wash the garment in normal cycle in cold water. Is your microwave grungy? Make your own cleaning solution with four tablespoons lemon juice and one cup of water in a bowl. Boil this mixture for five minutes in the microwave. The condensed steam will wipe clean and leave your microwave smelling lemony fresh.Humidifiers can pick up unwanted scents. Freshen up the aroma by adding 3 to 4 teaspoons to the water. Does your sink smell? For a great cleaner, make a paste with lemon juice and salt to clean brass, copper, and stainless steel kitchen sinks.

Lemons are also good for their bitter, sour taste. Dogs can be trained to stop barking by getting a squirt of lemon juice in their mouths.

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