American Business’ Creative Departments Immune to Offshore Outsourcing

Hidden in every office suite and behind every Chief Executive Officer, is an under appreciated creative staff held in tight control. In a traditional business atmosphere, creatives can wreak havoc quite by accident. After all, their work product emanates from the emotional side of their brains almost exclusively, making their very presence in a reserved work environment unintentionally volatile at times. Business creatives have an inherent ability to tap into their creative flow no matter what the task at hand. Take advantage of this by inviting them into brainstorming sessions for fresh points of view on everyday problems. Their novel perspective frequently generates innovative solutions in a supportive environment. Bear in mind that this only succeeds with the serious support of senior management. A soft economy presents the perfect platform to encourage your “out-of-control” creatives to let loose and apply their genius, especially when the tried and true falls short.

Though Offshore Outsourcing is predicted to top $131 billion this year, there’s one job responsibility that won’t be sailing off into the distance. We can export raw materials and import finished product, but employing offshore creativity–it just won’t work. Offshore sources may learn the language and technology, but it takes a lifetime to learn the culture. It especially won’t work with cultures like Japan and China where conformism is encouraged, even demanded and anything different is viewed with anti-individualistic contempt. Creativity thrives on individualism and in fact, is frequently the single source of new ideas. Our rebirth as an economic frontrunner will require an innovative perspective and a fresh approach to problem solving; both readily available in the creative community. To get the wheel spinning; encourage creatives to come forth with innovative solutions and teach business executives to value and employ those creatives’ innate abilities.

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