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American Idol is one of the most popular shows in TV history and has given birth to an insanely popular official website and hundreds of other websites created by devoted American Idol fans. Here’s a list of all these Idol destinations to help fans find the American Idol website they’re aiming for. After all, if you’re a Carrie fan, you don’t want to go to the Kelly website, and if you’re trying to countdown American Idol 2006, the 2005 website of some big Bo fan isn’t really going to help you. If you want the scoop on American Idol, Simon Cowell’s latest crack, Randy’s latest ‘dawg’ or Paula’s latest whatever, check out the list below. When it comes to American Idol, there’s a website for just about everyone! Here’s just a partial list:


Idol On Fox (
This is the official site for the show, hosting a majorly used message board (insane, actually�) and recaps of the show, including which singers sang what songs as the competition rolls on.

Television Without Pity (
A recap site handling dramas and reality programs, TWoP will snark the heck out of AI but will also provide you with good recaps if you missed and episode. And let’s face it, a lot of times, American Idol deserves the snark.

SirLinksALoT Guide (
This links database has many connections for American idol Fans. It also has a running list if news items from all across the internet including major entertainment news sources and regional papers.


Idol Zone (
Offers bios and pictures of top 10 contestants from each American Idol season including what songs they sang and when they sang them, when they were eliminated and where you can find them on the web. Also offers links to other sites. Some video and audio are available for contestant performances, if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane.

American Idol Rant (
The website defines itself thusly: “where 2 sisters rant about the insanity and joy of watching people have their dreams ripped apart by a surly Englishman”. Provides in-depth blog recaps of past seasons, though, doesn’t look like they’ve got anything on Season 5 yet.

American Idol Fire (
This site aims to keep it “clean” – and if you’ve ever checked out the stuff that gets allowed on the IdolonFox board, you may know why. The site is mainly a message board for reflections on the current and past seasons, but there is also a news column feeding from wire stories.

American Idol Buzz (
This is a “source for Idol news” – basically, it posts American Idol news stories in clear and organized fashion, including current events connected to past contestants like Clay Aiken and Carrie Underwood.

Global Idol Forum (
Want to talk American Idol with Australians or Australian Idol with Americans? This is the site for you. Forums include sections on Australian and American Idol’s past including Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson, as well as discussions on each show as they progress.


Simply Simon (
A fansite devoted to American Idols’ famous non-American judge Simon Cowell. Features include pictures, quotes, desktops and soundbytes. The site no longer updates, so you won’t find any news items here that are still new.

Tattered Dreams (
This site bills itself as a “fansite for American Idol Judge Simon Cowell.” Features of the website include blog entries for new episodes, a Simon bio, and links to other Simon and American Idol sites.

Angry Simon (
This amusing site has a Simon Cowell boxing game which allows you to do what you’ve probably wanted to for a few seasons now: smack down Simon Cowell. American Idol wouldn’t be the same without him, but sometimes, he’s just annoying. Also on the site: Cowell bio, Cowell news, Cowell pictures, and of course, Cowell quotes.

Paula Abdul Online (
This blog-looking site has news, a Paula bio, updates on TV appearances and an image gallery, as well as a filmography. Filmography of Paula? That ought to be interesting.

Official Ryan Seacrest Page (
Leave it to Ryan Seacrest to have his own site. Not only can you read news on the American Idol host, but you can learn more about his “many restaurant investments” or his “The R Line” clothing line.

Carrie Underwood Online (
Official site for 2005 American Idol Carrie Underwood. Included on the site are news items, including pictures and interviews from Carrie’s various gigs, plus lots of retail links enticing you to buy her CD. There’s also a bio, some multimedia elements and a little online chat space. Very well organized if a little heavy on the sales-end.

Kelly Clarkson Official Site (
Official site for original American Idol and Grammy nominee, Kelly Clarkson. On the site, visitors can find news, photos, a bio, a tour schedule, a fan mail section, and lyrics to her song. There are also links to her “TRL TEAM” which is a group of fans who are trying to get her videos up the TRL chart. Okeee, then.

Bo Bice Official Site (
Here’s the official site for long-haired American Idol runner up rocker Bo Bice. Features of the cool, southern rock-motif-ed site include news, photos, a journal open to fan club members and a Bo Bice FAQ, plus, don’t forget the retail links.

Fantasia Barrino Official Site (
Fantasia’s site has music when you start it up. Also, the 2004 American Idol’s official site offers news, upcoming events’ schedule, multimedia, a forum, and downloads and of course, retail links and promotional copy for her album Free Yourself.

Ruben Studdard Official Site (
The site’s titled I Need An Angel for his Gospel album. The 2003 winner site also has a multimedia section, Ruben’s bio and schedule of appearances and a message board.

Clay Aiken Offical Site (
This site is polite enough to give visitors an HTML option. Thanks, Clay. Items on the site for 2003 runner-up Aiken include news, a forum, a tour schedule, retail links, and also Clay’s Unicef/Katrina relief Banner, which, good for him.

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