An Electric Knife Can Make Your Thanksgiving Turkey Platter Look like a Pro Did the Carving

For many people carving the Thanksgiving turkey is a simple matter of diving right in and getting the deed done as quickly as possible. While traditional manual knives get the job done, an electric knife allows for greater control and flexibility. In fact, a powered knife allows the person doing the cutting to meticulously plan every slice without having to put too much pressure behind the cut, which makes the seldom used turkey carving tool a valuable part of the Thanksgiving arsenal. Here is a look at five models with different price points, advantages, and disadvantages.

Cuisinart CEK-40

With a $45 price tag at Amazon, the Cuisinart CEK-40 represents a power tool that every serious kitchen carver should have at their disposal. Light-weight and easy to handle thanks to the long cord, the Cuisinart CEK-40 can go from cutting bread with one set of blades to carving the turkey with the second set of blades.

Wolfgang Puck Dual-Blade Electric Carving Knife

Also from Amazon is the Wolfgang Puck Dual-Blade Electric Carving Knife, which is priced at around the $40 mark. The multi-position soft grip handle makes cutting a breeze, and the powerful motor makes getting the perfect slice an easy task time after time. This unit also features two interchangeable cutting blades to handle everything from turkey to beef to fresh bread.

Hamilton Beach Classic Electric Knife with Case

The Hamilton Beach Classic Electric Knife retails at $24.49 from Target, and comes with slicing fork and storage case. The inclusion of the case is a nice way to store the knife considering it will not be an item that gets used every single day. Designed for precise cuts, this electric knife can easily handle the average Thanksgiving dinner.

Procter Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife

The Procter Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife is priced at $19.99 from Best Buy. Like many electric knives in this price range, this unit features a single set of easy to clean blades. While not designed for everyday use, this Procter Silex can produce a nice plate of turkey for that special holiday feast.

Black & Decker EK700

At under $10 from Wal-Mart the Black & Decker EK700 is a unit that many folks pick up to make quick work of the Thanksgiving turkey. While it performs admirably, it lacks the interchangeable heads and cord length to use in a variety of settings. Of course, if cheap is the order of the day, any tool from Black & Decker means business-even in the kitchen.

With so many different models of electric carving utensils available in a variety of price ranges, there is a model eager to make that Thanksgiving platter look like it was carved by a professional chef.

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