An Introduction to Telecommuting

To telecommute is to work a job from home. The word is derived from the fact that you are not commuting by car to work, but by means of telecommunications. (Cute, huh?) Originally, to telecommute meant to work your normal office job from home several days a week, and then to go into the office a few days as well. Now, the word ‘telecommute’ is used interchangedly with any job that is done from home. Both are a great option for moms or dads that wish to stay home with the kids, not to mention save a bundle on gas.

If you are currently working an office job that you believe could be partially done from home, you may be one of the lucky few that can convince their superiors of that. This will not be something you should just casually run by the boss over lunch one day. Draw up a proposal, gather facts, do anything you can to convince the boss that it will be in both of your best interests to do this. However, don’t do too good of a job in convincing him/her that you won’t be missed around the office!

For those interested in strictly working from home for a company, there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is, there are many companies hiring telecommuters in a variety of fields. This includes telemarketing, inbound sales calls, data entry, online tutoring, medical transcription, live captioning, virtual secretarial work, and much more. The bad news is, there is a lot of competition out there. Working from home sounds appealing to a lot of people, so it may take a while to land a job.

A great resume is only going to get you so far when competing against thousands, nay, millions of would-be telecommuters. So, apply often and start networking. Networking is very helpful and can be done on work-at-home sites such as “Work At Home Mom’s Web”. Get to know other telecommuters and ask them for advice. Leads will start pouring in once you join in on the community. From there, just be sure to stay away from scams. Con artists know how much people want to work from home. Follow this word of advice: You should never have to pay money to work for a legitimate company.

Finding your first telecommuting job may take a few months, but it is worth it. Just remember, there are plenty of jobs out there that you are suited for, it just might take a while to find it. You should never feel you have to settle for a job doing something you may later regret. Also, you shouldn’t have to break down and pay for an opportunity or lead. Remember, there are communities out there that want to help you. Look on forums for ideas and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and ask questions. Before you know it, you’ll be going to work in your pajamas!

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