Analysis of Season 2 of 24: Important Scenes and Events

Fox’s hit television series “24” has become one of the most watched shows by the American public. The last week I saw the entire Season 2 of “24” and here is my analysis of important events, places and people in the show.

Season 2 starts the viewer off with action right away as an important intelligence meeting is held in the cabinet of President David Palmer. His advisors have told him that there is a high probability that a terrorist attack will occur today and that is is the threat of a nuclear bomb in the city of Los Angeles. Counter Terrorist Unit Agent Jack Bauer has been inactive for the past year from duty because his wife was killed by former agent Nina Myers. Baur’s duaghter no longner wants to see him and Baur is quite miserable.

The action starts when Jack Baur gets a call from the president about the immediate threat of a terrorist attack which sends Baur back into the field as an agent. Baur’s unqiue style of disobeying protocol and producing results makes him hated and respected by his peers.

The events that lead up to the finding of the bomb are as follows: CTU director George Mason is infected by plutonium and only has the rest of the day to live. This was a sad event as I was starting to really like Mason. I wish he wasn’t written out of the show but most people on “24” don’t live or stay very long. Mason continues to work for CTU despite knowing he only has a few hours left to live.

Jack finds out that one of the people whom he used to work with when he went undercover as an agent is back in town and learns that he is planning some kind of attack. He earns the men’s trust when he kills a man who was going to testify against them. Baur then helps them blow up CTU but not before Baur warns CTU about the bomb. However national intelligence decides that it is better if the bomb goes off and people die so that they could find the nuclear bomb.

During this time, David Palmer’s wife has come back into the picture after telling Palmer that people in his own cabinet are plotting against him. Palmer finds out that two of his advisors have been keeping information from him including National Security Advisor Roger Stanton. Staton tells him that a secret covert group of the military is in charge for making sure that the nuclear bomb has gotten into the U.S. The plan all along is for the men to destroy the bomb at the last moment. However the plan goes bad when the military men are found dead and the bomb is nowhere to be found.

Another side story is the Werner family who is somehow tied to all of the terrorist activity. At first one of the girl’s husband who is middle Eastern is suspected of a connection to a terrorist named Saed. Then the father is suspected. Finally, CTU figures out that is was the woman who was supposed to be married that day who kills her fiance and two CTU agents. She is the one who has been working with Saed.

Jack Baur finally tracks down Saed at a mosque and when he threatens to kill their family, he tells them the location of the bomb at an air field. They find the bomb but it is a decoy. When they finally find the bomb, the bomb squad is unable to disarm it. They realize that someone must fly a plane with a bomb into a remote location like a desert.

Jack Bauer volunteers for the assignment and says goodbye to his daughter. When he is about to crash the plane, he finds out that CTU director George Mason was on board the plane and wants to fly the plane himself since he is going to die from the plutonium anyway in a couple of hours. Baur parachutes off the plane and watches as the bomb explodes into the ground along with George Mason.

Afterwards, President David Palmer sets his agenda on extracting revenge on the countries responsible for the terrorist attack. There is an audio tape that links three ministers of middle East countries to the terrorist Saed. Baur then tries to find evidence that the tape was a forgery when he meets with captain Wallace of the secret marine covert operation.

Bauer must find the evidence he needs before the U.S. starts a huge warn and he needs to find it fast to warn the president who is in the middle of backstabbing within his own cabinet.

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