Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Technology: The Yuen Method for Chronic Pain Management & Relief

My first meeting with Dr. Kam Yuen was via a mass mailing. Presumably because I’m an acupuncturist, my street address was on a mailing list that found its way into the hands of Dr. Yuen’s promoters. So in the mail one day was a one-page flier featuring a largish head-shot of a Chinese man and ~ in bold letters ~ the claim: “Instant Relief From Your Pain.” I glanced down the list of conditions that Dr. Yuen was, supposedly, able to heal or dramatically lessen almost instantaneously. The list included back pain, neck pain, knee & ankle pain, headaches, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle pain, myofascial pain and at least a dozen others. Dr. Yuen, the advertisement went on to tell me, was going to be in the Denver/Boulder area shortly ~ an opportunity I would certainly want to take advantage of. I tossed the flier into my recycling bin.

Yet as the day of Dr. Yuen’s arrival in Boulder (which was now imprinted, almost indelibly, in my memory) approached, I quite simply couldn’t get the image of that Chinese man out of my mind. Was this because for many years I had myself suffered with chronic pain in my left ankle, from an old basketball injury? Was it because as an acupuncturist I felt a deep affinity for the Chinese qigong traditions of which that mysterious doctor claimed to be a lineage-holder? I don’t know. What I do know is that on the morning of Dr. Yuen’ Boulder engagement I found myself sifting through my “mixed paper” recycling bin, looking, rather frantically, to retrieve that mass-mailing flier that I had, many days ago, thrown away. Triumphantly, I unearthed it, and from it discovered the exact location of Dr. Yuen’s lecture & demonstration of The Yuen Method, to be held later that evening.

The lecture/demonstration was held at a little country church, located on the far eastern edge of Boulder, Colorado. A scattering of chickens and peacocks greeted me as I made my way across the courtyard, to the church’s entrance. The wooden pews of the sanctuary were filled completely, and a dozen or so people stood in the back, all waiting to hear what this Chinese martial-arts-champion-turned-healer had to say. The number of people present that evening was, I believe, testament both to the high incidence of chronic pain in our culture today, as well as to people’s willingness ~ often after repeated and largely-unsuccessful attempts at managing it within a Western medical context ~ to learn more about so-called “alternative” methods of treating such conditions. A middle-aged Chinese man entered the chapel, wearing loose-fitting cotton pants and a t-shirt, his black hair ~ here on end, there pressed flat ~ looking like he had just rolled out of bed. He was introduced as being Dr. Kam Yuen, a 35-generation Shaolin Master.

What exactly Dr. Yuen said that evening, I don’t remember. What I do remember was his riveting Presence, his seemingly boundless energy and unshakable confidence, and how this man who looked to be about forty years old was revealed instead to be in his early sixties. After a short introduction to the Yuen Method (a marriage of ancient qigong practices with the modern diagnostic technique of applied kinesiology), Dr. Yuen began to demonstrate, on one person after the next, the power of this mysterious healing modality. And it was (I can say this as an eye witness) truly astounding. One man in particular stands out in my memory: after being treated for five or ten minutes by Dr. Yuen, for his chronic pain condition, this man proclaimed: “You’ve made more progress on this condition in ten minutes than dozens of other health-care professionals have in the two decades that I’ve been suffering with it.” What’s truly amazing is that this sort of result, for Dr. Yuen, is not the exception but rather the rule: literally tens of thousands of people have been helped in profound ways, given relief from conditions they simply had resolved to “live with” for the rest of their lives.

Aside from being a profoundly skilled healer (one of the most powerful in the world, I am not the first to say), whose patient list includes many dozens of well-known athletes, actors & martial artists, Dr. Yuen is also committed to teaching others to do what he does. In support of his vision to have one person in every family on the planet trained in the Yuen method, Dr. Yuen has developed a Yuen Method certification program, which has already produced a large number of practitioners of this simple & powerful technique. And what exactly is it that “happens” in a Yuen Method treatment? Most simply put, a Yuen Method practitioner uses applied kinesiology techniques to “ask” the patient’s energetic system (their bodymind) a series of yes-no questions, whose answers (given in the form of “strong” or “weak” responses in the energy field of the patient) allow the practitioner to locate, and then release (via a mental “correction” directed into the patient’s energetic core), the root cause of the condition (chronic pain or anything else). The process as a whole is something like peeling an onion: once one set of causes is released, another deeper layer is often revealed, which can then also be released. (Some conditions are resolved completely in one treatment; others require a series of treatments.)

What’s revolutionary about this technique is that it doesn’t assume any particular theoretical/medical framework. Quite the contrary, in fact: “success” as a practitioner depends largely upon ones capacity to “empty the mind” of any and all preconceptions, so that we can more clearly “hear” or “feel” the information being provided by our patients. Dr. Yuen has observed that pain or disease is most frequently the result of blockages in communication between the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, psychic & spiritual levels of our Being. So a practitioner will look to restore to healthy functioning those channels of communication. But how exactly this happens is absolutely unique to each patient. Oftentimes it will be something seemingly “insignificant” that is the key to unwinding a whole pattern of emotional or physical pain. Once we know, via Yuen Method diagnostics & corrections, how to make ourselves “strong” to what we wish to manifest in our lives ~ and to remain stable in this strength ~ those things (be they a pain-free body, emotional happiness, financial stability, spiritual or sexual fulfillment) will quite naturally appear. It’s that simple!

For more information about The Yuen Method, and for a list of certified practitioners, please go to Dr. Yuen’s website ~ For those of you in the Boulder/Denver area, I recommend Yuen Method practitioner Tia Njio ~ (Because the method is based upon, and works via, “quantum” principles, most practitioners will offer phone as well as in-person sessions, so please don’t worry if there isn’t someone physically close to you.)

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