Lavender: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Lavender and its History

Lavender, also known as Lavandula angustifolia, has long been used all over the world for its soothing properties since the dawn of time. In stores today you can see lavender in the form of oils, candles, bath beads, shampoos, among other items dealing with aromatherapy. In ancient times, it was used widely as a sleep aid for everyone who needed it including babies with colic and the elderly who were having hard times relaxing their bodies and minds. Lavender plants in large bouquets were put together for those who needed its aroma. Today, we use it in potpourri, incense, and in some houses you can still see the traditional lavender bouquets to induce a tranquil environment. The fact that it is so soothing to the point that it can tame your body and relax it into a deep and restful slumber is the reason this plant is the ultimate stress reliever.

Its purpose does not stop there. It also relieves tension headaches, bad breath, pain in muscles, wounds of various types, and some experts even use it in salons for healthy skin and hair. Since the earliest civilizations lavender flowers and leaves have been placed in hot bath water when people were feeling sick, stressed, or were plagued with arthritis.

Lavender: The Unmistakable Plant

Lavender comes from the Latin word ‘lavo’, meaning ‘to wash’, it was named this because the Romans traditionally used it in their baths. In later years, lavender the color, became a favorite shade across the world all because of the beauty of this little plant. Belonging to the mint family lavender grows wild in many countries and in some parts of the world it is cultivated for its many uses. Numerous long slender leaves grow on a single stock which extends the purple fragrant flowers. The bush can grow normally between 3 and 4 feet high. When dried, the leaves and flowers remain aromatic for an extremely long time.

Lavender: Its Many Uses of Today

For parents with hyper children, or with adults with hectic lives, there is a safe, natural solution. Lavender is often made into, by its leaves and flowers; cakes, cookies, muffins jellies, teas, vinegars, fruit salads, egg dishes among other favorites in the kitchen. Some people merely take a few stalks of this wonderful plant and stick it in their car. This is a great way to help prevent road rage or screaming children.

If you know someone who has a hard time sleeping whether it be nightmares, generally life worries, or other tensions I suggest taking a pillow and stuffing lavender inside. This will help give them a full and restful night sleep. If need be, you can always dry the lavender stalks, and place them in the drawers of their night stands, hang them above their bed or any other creative ideas to get them to breathe the aroma.

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