Who to Talk To About Your Feelings when You Don’t Think You Can Trust Anyone

The life of a teenager can be very hard to deal with. You have a lot of emotions both good and bad bottled up inside you, just busting to get out. These emotions and dealing with them can be very scary. You can be torn on what to do about them too. You know the best thing to do is talk to someone about what you are feeling. However you don’t know who you can talk to. Who could you ever trust to talk about these feelings with? They are so personal that you don’t want them to be spread all over, so you just can’t trust anyone. Parents always say you can talk to them, and so do teachers. What you have bottled up inside is just too personal for them. You may think you can’t talk to your friends either. So what do you do?

Keeping these emotions bottled up inside can be very damaging to both your emotional and physical well being. Weather you can talk to someone or not, you need to let your feeling out. One great way to get your feeling out is by writing. Nobody says you have to show your writing to anyone, just putting it on paper can make you feel so much better. Getting things “Off your chest” can help you feel 10 times better than if you keep them bottled up.

Many people both boys and girls like to write in journals. These are a great way of expressing yourself because they are personal. Nobody else can read them unless you want them to. Journals can be a place you keep all your private thoughts. You may be crushing on someone, or you may be very angry at something. Writing in a journal can be a way of getting these feelings off your chest in a way that no one else knows. This way you don’t get hurt even more.

Any form of writing that gets your thoughts from your head to paper, or a computer file can help you. Professionals call it “therapeutic”. Don’t think you are alone either, because everyone has these feelings at one point or another. A lot of famous people even use writing to help them express their feelings. Just take a look at the musical artists you listen to. Don’t hear the song, but listen to the words. What are they telling you? I bet if you get past the beat of the music and actually pay attention, the person who wrote that song was trying to express his or her feelings. You can find this to be evident in some more modern poetry as well.

Now, I know some of you are thinking “I can’t write poetry.” It doesn’t matter. What you write is not about formatting like you learn in school. It’s about getting if off your chest. Just put pen to paper and start spilling your guts. It can be one giant paragraph that is grammatically incorrect, or it can be something your English teacher would be proud of. No one is grading you on this, and who knows if you will ever show anyone. You are doing this for you.

Now, I am not trying to tell you to become a song writer or a poet. I am just trying to give you examples of how some people deal with their emotions. If you keep these emotions bottled up inside, never letting them out you could cause very physical and emotional problems for yourself. You could develop an ulcer, many different stomach problems or even worse conditions. The best way to deal with emotions are you are feeling will always be to talk to someone you can trust. No matter what you may think at the time, you can always trust your parents and teachers with this information. If you don’t feel you can at that point in time, then just write it down.

Keep everything you write however. You may find you want to go back and read something weeks, months or even years later. What seems like the end of the world today may seem like nothing later. Writing can help you deal with the present and remember the past. So no matter how stupid your emotions or thoughts may seem to others, they are important to you. Write them down. You’ll feel better for it.

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