And the Most Future-friendly Building Material Is..

Nobody, deep down, likes to kill. Of course not.

Okay, maybe we’re being way too optimistic here. For every year glass buildings cause the death of around one billion birds. That’s more than three times the population of US.

The problem is, many people get enchanted by the beauty of glass buildings and they don’t have a single idea of their impact on environment around us.

They forget that they’re decimating the beautiful world we live in. They forget it’s not okay to be that cruel, even unknowingly.

So what’s the best alternative? How do you build responsible, future-friendly buildings? And how do you ensure they’re amazingly stunning, too?

Gold? Or maybe silver? They’re way too expensive and lack structural qualities.

Iron? There’s something much better than that.

You guessed it – it’s steel.

Let us explain why.

Ultra-high recyclability and reusability

For those who don’t know, steel is the most recycled material in US, one that’s recycled even more than aluminium, glass, paper, plastic and all other materials combined.

Steel buildings can be recycled over and over again. As a matter of fact, at Toro Steel Buildings, all steel we use has nearly 50% recycled content, if not more.

Additionally, steel framing components, wall elements, etc. are often reused without any refurbishment, which is even more beneficial than recycling.

Using steel, therefore, not just means less use of resources – it also means less waste generation and less emissions.

Energy conservation

With the help of proper insulation, steel becomes an excellent metal for energy conservation.

Here’s how it works: You get your steel building insulated with cool paints. Now when the sun’s heat falls upon it, it will protect the heat from getting transferred inside so that you stay cool all summers.

In winters, insulation helps you keep warm by slowing down the heat loss from your building.

This helps reduce your energy costs.

It’s not just about the environment

One of the best parts about steel is, it doesn’t lose its quality during the recycling process. It stays strong, has a very long life – thanks to its high strength-to-weight ratio – and requires little to no maintenance.

Steel, aside from being durable, is also a flexible construction material, which helps you save a great amount of money in the long-run.

Plus, the fact that most of the steel construction happens in factories (this process is called prefabrication) and not on the site helps encourage a safer working environment, avoid local disturbance, increase construction speed and save costs.

So, whether it’s a skyscraper or your garage or merely the roof of your factory, you now know what’s best for you – and your planet.

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