Eleven Tips to Keep Your Home Secure Without Spending a Dime

If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a home security system, but you still want to keep your home protected as much as it can be. There are some easy and inexpensive ways to improve your property and deter intruders from your home.

1. Trim shrubs – Trimming your shrubs not only keeps your property looking neat and clean it can also keep intruders from hiding near doorways and walkways.

2. Lock your storage shed – An open storage shed or tools lying around the yard are like handing tools right to an intruder. They can use ladders, shovels, crowbars, etc. to get in to your home.

3. Keep lawn mowed – Keeping the yard maintained is also a good way to keep intruders away. If your yard looks unkempt it might suggest that you property does not mean much to you or that you are away from your home.

4. Plant thorny shrubs – A thorny shrub below a window is an excellent deterrent or an intruder who may try to make their way into your home through the windows.

5. Change burnt out light bulbs – Outdoor lighting around the house is important in keeping your house well lit to prevent intruders near your house, so a burned out bulb should be replaced quickly.

6. Don’t display your valuables – Don’t let a potential robber shop around. If you can see any valuables on the inside of your house by looking into your windows from the outside so can anybody else driving or walking by.

7. Do not leave boxes at the curb – You don’t want to advertise what new valuables you may have in your home. It is best to break down your boxes and put them in a recycling bin.

8. Do not store keys to your doors under doormats, rocks, etc. – Most intruders have figured out these tricks and will look in those places. If you loose your keys often you may want to think about getting a fingerprint activated lock.

9. Keep tree branches trimmed – Trim tree branches away from windows and the roof. It can deter your view and also allow the intruder to hide.

10. Check your garage door – Make sure the doors and individual panels are secure especially if it is an attached garage. Also check the garage opener if it hasn’t been changed from its factory settings and if all but one switch is in a different direction the combination may be easy for an intruder to figure out.

11. Always shut and lock your doors – When you leave your house it is a good idea to make sure all your doors on the exterior of your house are closed and locked.

Keep these tips in mind to protect your home while going about your day.

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