Anothing Disappears Brings a Curfew Down on Miguel County

Yesterday afternoon, Mary Daniels was taking her 6-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Pippi for a walk. Her dog was particular curious about a storm drain on Jackson Street in Fenton, Colorado. She took her yorky out to pee later that night. Little Pippi was sniffing around the same storm drain when something inside grabbed her, yanking her leash out of Mary Daniels’s hands.
Mary Daniels, a resident of Denver for 70 of her 79 years had this to say: “I heard some strange noises up the street. When I looked back, my baby Pippi was gone.”

Sheriff Warren Peltz of the Miguel County Police Department has been investigating a series of bizarre disappearance throughout the area. His search has not only encompassed missing people but pets as well. “Our citizens take a lot of pride in their animals,” Peltz commented. When asked about this case, Peltz had this to say: “We’re doing the best we can, but whom or whatever is doing this is not leaving us much to work with. These disappearances don’t seem to have any pattern whatsoever, but they seem to all be happening at night.”

Peltz and Mayor Tingle held a meeting with townspeople to discuss whether or not they should put a city-wide curfew on all persons of Fenton. Residents are outraged by the idea. “How am I supposed to stay open when the curfew drives away my customerds? I have responsibilities to my family,” Fenton saloon owner, Chad Williamson, 55 said. To argue the other side, Hank Parker, 41 told Williamson, “You haven’t lost your son, have you? You don’t know the stakes here.” Maggie Forrester, late night employee at the Wal-Mart Supercenter stole the floor, “We don’t know what’s going on. We don’t know for sure if these people or these animals are being taken. Why put up a curfew for several incidents that could easily be explained as a bunch of runaways?”

Sheriff Peltz argued that these incidents are in fact kidnappings. “Someone very dangerous is out there right now, and he or she or whatever it is poses a danger to all of us.” Mayor Tingle refused to comment but he had this to say to the townspeople: “We’re only interested in your safety and the happiness of you and your families. This curfew should not in anyway effect business here in Fenton.”

Chad Williamson later commented, “Why did city officials even call this meeting when they already made our decision for us? And, why should we be getting all crazy over a troubled young man, a hairy rate and some missing birds.” The people of Fenton may have every reason to oppose the Mayor and Sheriff Peltz’s curfew, but the question remains whether or not it will actually save lives.

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