Answering the Phone at the Switchboard

I kid you not, I find it easy to like people and enjoy meeting people- even by telephone! I am not a CUSTOMER SERVICE REP, per se, yet, you would have to consider what I am doing to actually be providing my telephone callers with a friendly and personal service. Eight hours a day! And most of the callers are very nice people!

Some of them are people I know, whom are employees of the company I also work for. But I am a “contract worker”, hired by a company who places us within the framework of another company! This has been a real education!

Enjoying the atmosphere, I realize I am a major part of what that atmosphere is or isn’t! I can make the day complete for some, who, hearing my friendly, cheerful and encouraging voice, warm up to me right away, and they make it easy to help them, even when they are uncertain about what they may be doing as we communicate! But, that’s ok-I am learning too, every moment of every day!

Men who call often use a loud voice, doing their best to sound business-like and intimidating! I have learned how to deal with that! After all, I am a 57-year-old man, myself. I have a deep, rich voice, well-practiced in the art of gently but firmly diffusing situations that could be volatile! And often these men who call, leave the phone, appreciating the help they got from a man who was genuinely interested in helping them reach an associated, or a business contact, or an executive.

Likewise, women call and demand, being very ladylike but firmly “all business”, and with an attitude. I have gotten used to that! If you have talked with me, I may have satisfied you greatly by providing you with quick and courteous but very friendly service. That’s who I am, and what I am.

Yet, my job does not define who I am! It only magnifies and personifies my ability to be personal with strangers, making some even laugh, which I enjoy doing greatly! My boss has heard me on the phone. I knew he was observing me. He did not know I knew that he was there. I am very professional in my attitude and behaviour on the phone, and yet, I am friendly, courteous, cheerful, encouraging, and helpful!

But in all fairness, I have to tell you, I have to be firm, also. My job requires that I do it quickly, efficiently, and moving along at a brisk pace. I sometimes have to handle multiple calls… up to six!

So please, be courteous yourself. And remember, be prepared when you call, to offer correct information and KNOW who your contact person is.

I am not always an angel. I have been rude a time or two. I am always ashamed of having done so… but, I have to keep the calls brief and moving along.

I would like to speak with you a little bit longer. But, sometimes that is just not possible!

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