Apogee Search Marketing Glossary

The Internet has been tremendous at aiding people with research, business transactions, and entertainment, among the myriad other tasks computers can perform. However, it has also created an entire language of abbreviations and terms that can be daunting to the uninitiated. In order to remedy this confusion, Apogee Search (www.apogee-search.com) has created an extensive search marketing glossary to aid the casual and professional use of search engine optimization and other internet marking tools.

Apogee Search provides such a glossary with around two hundred words that include terms like search engine optimization, deep linking, and negative keyword. These terms are becoming increasingly important not only in the business world but in the everyday world of technology that is becoming more pervasive in global society. As someone who was not aware of a great many of these words (even with years of experience in writing for the internet), I have bookmarked this website for future use. Apogee Search has done a real service to those interested in learning more about the internet and will continue to develop this glossary as new terms come along.

If there is anything that Apogee Search can do to improve their search marketing glossary, it is to make it more dynamic or interesting. One way would be to cross reference words that are related in their particular sub-genre of internet usage. Another way would be to use drop down menus to pair down the selection of words into particular categories of usage. However, these are merely superficial suggestions and Apogee Search’s marketing glossary is already functioning pretty well in its current form.

Apogee Search’s marketing glossary can be found at www.apogee-search.com/Resources/Glossary/index.php.

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