Apple G4 iBook and Top Computers for College Students

Last semester I got Aldrin, my G4 ibook and I must say that it’s true: everything is easier on a mac. I major in journalism and do a lot of design. The adobe programs and general set up of a mac make all of it much more convenient. My boyfriend majored in film and used his powerbook for all of his projects. As I type this I have nine programs running and my computer isn’t slowing down or giving me any form of trouble.

I have a four to five hour battery life, which is amazing for working anywhere on campus. The built-in wireless antenna is strong and can pick up signals from a large difference. It’s light! I have a 12″ that weighs a bit under five pounds. I notice when it’s in my book bag, but it doesn’t make my back sore like other lap tops have. It’s also just really svelte, sleek and pretty, which shouldn’t matter, but it does.

I also love just dragging and dropping my files from one place to another. Whether it’s the internet to the desktop or from one folder to another, I just click and drag them and off they go. I can scroll down by using two finger on my touchpad, it’s a feature I love so much that I find myself doing it to scroll down on other computers.

I remember when I got Aldrin, I took him out of the box and he was ready to go. Seriously. Nothing to download except the extra programs I wanted. He’s durable, too. Which is good because I tend to beat up my lap tops. I don’t mean to, they just go everywhere with me. The ibook has a sudden motion sensor, so if I drop it or it rattles around in my book bag while I’m running for a train nothing gets hurt. It parks the hard drive heads thus not losing my data or scratching anything. The exterior is white plastic (which is why my iBook is named for the astronaut Aldrin, it looks like a spaceship), extremely durable. It gets hot, but has never overheated. I’ve also never had to reboot. I turn it off from time to time, but only if I’m traveling a long distance. For shorter trips I generally just close it so it sleeps.

The computer costs more, there’s no way around that. However, apple has a student discount and for a time they’re running a special where college students can get an ipod nano with a powermac (the newest lap tops). To get the ibook you’ll have to use amazon or ebay. Mac has started making the powermac. I’ve heard great things about the powermac, but I’ve never used one so I can’t say one way or the other. I got Aldrin brand new off of ebay for a good price and I haven’t regretted it ever since. I would recommend a mac for college students because it is easy to run, durable, low-maintenance (no viruses), can go anywhere with you and is in all, a great computer. My last computer was a PC and the transition from PC to Mac was not the nightmare that people make it out to be. I went to my long time mac user friends with questions, there are also forums of only knowledgeable mac users who are never afraid to give their opinions and advice.

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