Palm Treo 650 Review

In the age of fast food and people trying to find a way to remain connected to their businesses, its no surprise that there is finally a PDA out there that can deliver what everyone has been craving. The Palm Treo 650 is just that device. With an impressive lineup of application and some astonishing new features, the 650 is in a league of its own now. Sleek design and functionality are not the only thing this PDA has going for it.

First Impressions
Immediately you will notice that the 650 looks a little like the 600 but don’t let that confuse you. As much as it looks like its predecessor you will immediately notice that the screen brightness has been enhanced, so now you’ll have no problem seeing all of your information. The keyboard is easier to use now because the keys have been raised and spaced out a little differently so that the keys are easier to press.

Not Only A PDA
More frequently we are not seeing totally new technology, we are getting hybrid technology that combines many different accessories that you use in your every day life into one device. Usually devices that try to cram many applications into one product will leave one application with a little more to desire, this is not true with the Palm Treo 650. Not only is it a fully functional PDA with all the applications that you would expect, but it also incorporates email, instant messaging, web access and an excellent camera. With all that functionality it’s hard to believe that it still fits in your pocket.

Notable Features
This PDA has all the features that you would expect, but also sports a VGA camera for making short videos or taking pictures. Aside from all the bells and whistles that come with this PDA, it’s also a phone. One of the most impressive features that the 650 brings to the table is the introduction of nonvolatile file system. What does this mean? Well, when you combine the NVFS with twenty-two megabytes of nonvolatile memory, and a replaceable battery pack, you achieve something that has never been done. If you have used a PDA before then you know how much of a hassle it is to keep charging you battery so that you don’t loose all of your data. These new features totally eliminate the possibility of you accidentally loosing your data due to battery depletion. With the incorporation of this NVFS file system and nonvolatile memory, the Palm Treo 650 is easily one of the best setups that is currently available.

The Palm Treo 650 is one of the best PDA’s to incorporate all of the applications that the average person uses every day. When you have all of that power in your pocket it will surely make your daily life go much smoother, whether you are a serious businessperson or just someone who wants to get the best PDA for your money. The Palm Treo 650 will surely impress.

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