How to Fix and Repair Scratched CDs with Brasso

Having a CD that is scratched is never cause for a party. Scratched CDs are oftentimes one of those small troubles that happen on a day to day basis that can throw someone’s routine completely out of whack. So, after the toothpaste, spit, and different radial cleaners have been put through the trial-by-fire, which one has come out on top in helping the consumer deal with these blemished discs? The answer may be surprising to many.

The one product that I have used that garnered the best results is actually not marketed for the fixing of scratched CDs. It is actually a product called Brasso, and has been used for years by engineers on plastic and metal. Brasso is relatively inexpensive and can be picked up at any one of your local hardware stores. The technique in using Brasso to fix your scratched CDs is relatively simple, as well.

The first thing you will want to do, after of course analyzing and finding the problem, is apply just a few drops of Brasso to the CDs surface. Then, in the case of a scuff mark, you will want to take a soft cloth and work the Brasso into the scuff in a radial motion, until the scuff disappears. In the case of a scratch, you will apply the Brasso in the same manner, however instead of working the solution in radially you will want to rub it in in the direction of the scratch.

Next, you will want to let the Brasso dry completely on the surface of the scratched CD. For good measure, I often take a soft cloth and rub any excess or residue of the Brasso off of the scratched CD. This is the final step in the process, and just like that, your scratched CD is fixed.

A can of Brasso, if applied correctly, should last you for years of listening pleasure. I have not encountered a scratched CD that I have not been able to fix yet. Fixing scratched CDs just got a whole lot easier, thanks to a very unlikely source.

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