The Best Boombox Accessory for Your iPod

If you are like me and own an ipod, then you know that there is an entire industry devoted to anything and everything that can be considered an ipod accessory. In fact, there is a new 300-page book that is devoted to unlocking the secrets of your ipod and utilizing its accessories to the fullest. However, if there is one thing that ipod’s are lacking, it is it’s inability to play for an audience when you want to have a party. You can buy a transmitter that overrides radio stations, but these inevitably drain your ipod’s battery or run on costly AAA batteries that die in a matter of hours. Well, fear no more. Altec Lansing has just unveiled the inMotion im7 portable audio system for the ipod.

The im7 is going to revolutionize that way that you use your ipod. With a sleek design that resembles a tube, the im7 pumps out great sound while taking up very little space. The best part is that when plugged into an outlet, it automatically charges your ipod while it plays. It comes with an A/C adapter, and it can also be battery powered for more portability. Your ipod is safe in the patent pending universal cradle that opens with the touch of a finger. The cradle can adjust to fit most style ipods, but be sure to check out the specifications so that it will fit yours. The im7 is made for any ipod with a color display, ipod nano, Ipod mini, and any other ipods with a dock connector.

The sound is generated by the new high efficiency digital amplification, and when the volume is turned up it sounds as good as most surround sound stereo systems. The music is accentuated with a revolutionary XDB (xtreme dynamic bass) enhanced subwoofer that will make you feel like you are at a rock concert. Along with the subwoofer are highly advanced neodymium drivers and tweeters. All of these innovations make for some great listening, and you don’t have to deal with that annoying buzz that comes when you are trying to listen through a radio station.

Two new features to the updated im7 are the inclusion of a wireless remote, and a video output. The wireless remote allows for seamless volume changes from across the room, as well as changing songs and pausing and playing. The video output has been added to supplement the ipod photo and ipod video features on the redesigned models. Now you can view your ipod’s photos, or watch your downloaded videos on your TV.

The im7 runs around $250 dollars, but it is worth every penny. Never before has there been an ipod accessory that has offered as much portability and easy use. That combined with its sexy design and unbelievable sound make this one of the must-haves for any ipod owner looking to maximize it’s potential. Check out for the im7 as well as plenty of other options for your ipod and music listening experiences.

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