April Fool’s Day Phone Pranks for Your Spouse

Kids enjoy playing April Fools Day phone pranks on relatives and friends, but April Fools Day phone pranks aren’t just for kids. Adults can have fun playing April Fools Day phone pranks too, especially on their spouses. Playing April Fools Day phone pranks on an unsuspecting husband or wife can be loads of fun!

April Fools Day phone pranks are meant to be harmless and fun, not dangerous or too terribly frightening, so don’t play an April Fools Day prank on your husband or wife that’s too mean. Consider playing a funny phone prank this April Fools Day. The following April Fools Day phone prank is so good, if your husband or wife finds out you were behind the call, be assured they will want to seek revenge!

Phone pranks are always fun, but phone pranks have come a long way since the days of calling up an unsuspecting person to ask if their refrigerator is running. Phone pranks and phony phone calls have met the age of technology. Now people can play April Fools Day phone pranks that will leave their victims in an uproar and never able to fully figure out if the call was a prank from someone they know, or just a call from a nutcase who happened to dial the wrong number.

Fun With Soundboards

If you want to play a harmless phone prank on your husband or wife, don’t attempt to do so without a little help. Did you ever try to change the pitch or tone of your voice and were found out within the first sentence? No matter how hard someone tries to change their voice, they usually can’t change their voice enough to evade recognition by a friend or loved one, especially a husband or wife. Those who want an accomplice to their phone prank scheme should seek help from a soundboard.

Soundboards are lots of fun, believe me. On the telephone it’s virtually impossible to tell you aren’t listening to a real person. Soundboards are full of short voice clips as well as sound effects. Many of the recorded voices are short voice clips and sound effects taken from movies and television. Your favorite actor or actress can help you play a funny April Fools prank on your husband or wife.

One website that offers a very good soundboard is http://www.ebaumsworld.com . There you will find voice clips from Judge Judy to Mr. Rogers. There are dozens to choose from. You can have an interactive conversation with your husband or wife that will leave them wondering what in the world just happened, and they will never be able to prove you were the prankster!

Planning Your April Fools Day Prank

Begin planning your April Fools Day prank by going to the soundboard. The available phrases are arranged on the board. Click on various clips and try to formulate a plan. You can’t completely plan the outcome of your call, so be prepared to think fast. The soundboard has simple phone phrases such as “hello” as well as other generic lines. There are also off the wall phrases that can be thrown into the conversation. Those are the really fun ones!

Pulling Off the Prank

When you’re ready to call your husband or wife to play an April Fools Day phone prank, go to the soundboard and get ready for fun. You will have a hard time not laughing during the call. If your home phone or your spouse’s cell phone or office phones are equipped with caller-ID, make sure you dial *67 before dialing the number. If your husband or wife knows the call is coming from your phone, the prank obviously won’t work.

After dialing your husband or wife’s phone number, place the phone close to a computer speaker as well as your ear. You won’t want to miss a thing! Begin by clicking on an opening phrase such as “hello.” This is where the fun and frustration starts!

Continue by clicking on various phrases that will keep this bizarre conversation going. You will be highly amused and will have a very hard time containing yourself. You’ll be laughing inside every time you think back to the call, and you’ll want to try this April Fools Day phone prank on other unsuspecting friends and family as well.

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