Were You a Rich Kid?

Most rich kids deny ever having it easy. Why would they want to admit to that? Nobody wants others to think they didn’t have to pay their dues. These are the signs that you may have been a rich kid.

Your Family Had A Beach/Summer/Other Home

Some people actually have more than one home. Other people have no home at all. Having two homes while other people have none certainly makes the family with two much more well-to-do than those with one or none. Having more than one place to live is laughable to certain parts of the world. This must mean you have so much stuff that it cannot all fit beneath one roof. And stuff costs money so you are probably rich if you have lots of it.

Your Parents Never Talked to You about Community College

While community college is the only option for some, others are plenty smart to get into a four-year school but cannot due to the life ruining tuition costs. Perfectly capable human beings who could succeed in a four-year school are often stranded spending two years at a community college program because it costs less. Meanwhile kids who cheated their way through high school start as a freshman at a four-year university no problem because their parents can afford many of the costs. College is no longer a barometer of smarts. Now it just means your parents’ bank accounts are heavier than the weight you will put on your first year in school.

Your First Car was Less Than 3 Years Old

Everybody remembers their first car. From the broken air conditioning system to the blood stain from the previous owner in the backseat, a person’s first car comes with memories already there. While many of us end up with a car so old it could hold down a job legally, the rich kids get a first car with mileage close to zero. If your first car came with everything working, you were probably rich.

You Never Understood Why Your Friends had to go to Work after School

The moment your parents tell you it’s time to start looking for a job is the moment you realize life is about to get a whole lot tougher. The job you have is irrelevant. Some kids push shopping carts, others push pencils, and the rest push buttons. For most a job is inevitable at some point in life. In high school it can be a good divide whether or not you were a rich kid or not. While this can be a tough measure since it’s usually a parent trying to teach a child responsibility, this is definitely worth a consideration. The truly rich kids never worked in high school. Their parents knew it was more important for them to spend their evenings studying for the upcoming giant party they were throwing over the weekend.

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