Arachnid Electronic Dartboard in Walnut Finish Wood Cabinet: A Review

The Arachnid Electronic Dartboard in Walnut Finish Wood Cabinet is just what I was looking for when I decided to buy a dart board for our game room.

First of all I love the fact that it comes in the walnut wood cabinet. That absolutely sold me on this particular dartboard. I like the fact that the darts store in the cabinet, and you can close it up when you are not using it. It looks much better that way, and my darts don’t get lost all the time like they did with my others. I love the fact that it is electronic. I don’t have to try to keep score like we did on the old style ones. It will keep score for up to eight people so lots of people can play at once and its easy to keep score cause the dartboard does it for you! It is so very cool. My friends and I play it very often and it is always a good time, we all end up laughing and joking and having a ball. It was very easy to mount and we had it up and were playing in no time. It has all kinds of different games that you can play , like twenty-nine. I did not even know before buying this that you could play any dart games other than just seeing who got the higher score. So now I know and I am trying out some of them but my favorite is the old standard. This is also a very high quality dart board because believe me we have put it to very heavy use and still have not had a single problem with it. I had thought that the electronic score board and game selector buttons would be very complicated to figure out but it was really simple after following some pretty simple instructions I was ready to play. I did have to buy some replacement darts. The tips on the ones that came with the set did not last very long but some better quality ones were available and they are working great.

The price we paid for this was what I consider a really great deal. Ok it did cost more than a lot of other electronic dart boards but when you consider the fact that eight people can play on it at one time, it keeps score, has all of these cool games that I didn’t even know existed I would say that it is well worth the money. And the quality has helped with the little extra on the price.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to play darts. It is lots of fun for the whole family and when friends come over. It would even be great for older children’s rooms. They are not going to get puncture wounds or anything but the rubber tip still might not be good for an eye ball. So I would definitely say that they should at least be teenage and responsible.

This is an awesome dartboard, and we are having a great time with it!

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