The Four Tips for Keeping Our Carpet Clean

Carpet is one thing many of us take for granted. It comes in all shapes, colors, and textures, and is in almost every home. Keeping our carpet clean is one of the most important things we should do in our household. However, how do we do it? How do we choose the methods in keeping our carpet clean? The four tips are as follows:

Use Mats

One of the most important things for keeping our carpets clean is to use mats. When people walk in from outside, if they don’t have a mat to wipe their shoes off on, chances are the dirt will trail on the carpet. It may not be highly noticeable at first, but as time goes on you will see it build up. Not only should have mats at our door, but also at our tables where drinks and food have the potential of falling. Whenever dirt has the most beginning potential in building up is when it also has the most potential.

Have Visitors Take off Their Shoes

One of the most obvious things is to keeping our carpet clean is to have individuals take of their shoes when they first come in. If it’s raining outside and a group of visitors walk in, just wiping their shoes on the carpet isn’t going to work. If you are looking to have your carpet last as long as possible, it’s good to have them to remove their shoes. Shoes are the main reasons why carpet gets dirty in the first place.

Keep all Meals in the Kitchen

If you have little children, you don’t want them carry drinking into the living room, where the chances of them spilling it is twice that of an adult. However, to decrease the chances of anyone spilling any food or dinking on the carpet, make sure all meals are eaten in the kitchen. Don’t allow individuals to carry things, whether it is drinks or food, across the carpet.

Clean it frequently when Necessary

The final tip in keeping our carpets clean is to clean it as frequently as necessary. Obviously, if you allow individuals to walk all over your carpet with their shoes on, you will have to clean it more frequently. But if you use the previous 3 rules, vacuum it every week or two, and use the carpet cleaner every 3 months or so.

Keeping our carpet clean doesn’t involve a lot of work as previously thought. By following these four tips in keeping our carpet clean, you can assure you’ve done so in the easiest way possible.

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