How to Save Money on Your Dry Cleaning Bills

If you make a list of your extra monthly expenses, your dry cleaning bill might be right at the top. Many articles of clothing nowadays carry a “Dry Clean Only” label. And that means spending money if you take your clothes to a local dry cleaner. But there are alternative methods. Read this informative article and find out how to save money on your dry cleaning bills!

1. Look for “Machine Washable” Clothing Labels
When you’re shopping for clothes, don’t just look at the colors or styles, be sure to check the care label. Choose clothing that can be laundered at home and you’ll save a bundle of money on your dry cleaning bill.

2. Launder More Items at Home
Angora sweaters, for example, need to be cleaned by a professional cleaner. Many fabrics, however, can actually be laundered in your washing machine even though their care tag may read “Dry Clean Only”. Most sweaters, blouses, shirts, slacks, skirts and dresses can be cleaned in your washing machine. All you need to do is use a gentle detergent such as WooliteÃ?®, wash and rinse the items in cold water, and use a gentle cycle. Hang or lay out to dry wool items and any other clothing that can shrink or become misshapen.

An exception to this suggestion is leather clothing. It should be cleaned by a professional cleaner.

If you can’t imagine putting your “Dry-Clean Only” articles into a washing machine with water, consider this: the term “dry cleaning” is a misnomer. Granted, the process that businesses use doesn’t involve water. Most dry cleaning establishments immerse clothing into a liquid chemical called Perchloroethylene, or “Perc” for short. Perc doesn’t shrink or discolor clothing. That’s the good news. The bad news is, this chemical causes air pollution. It’s also known to cause cancer.

You’ll have to use your own judgment on what clothing you’ll put in your washing machine. Just remember, the more you can launder yourself, the more money you’ll save on your dry cleaning bill.

3. Spot Clean Your Dry Cleanables Right Away
If you spot clean your clothing right away, as soon as the accident happens, then allow them to air dry, a stain won’t be created and you won’t need the services of your local dry cleaner.

4. Wear Your Clothing More, Wash It Less Often
Another method to save money on your dry cleaning bill is to simply spot clean clothing, if needed, then hang it up to air out.

Unless your dry cleanable items have large areas of soil or perspiration, you can then wear them more than one time in between washings.

Besides reducing your dry cleaning bill, less washing means less wear and tear on your clothing as well.

5. Use Home Dry Cleaning Kits
Check out the laundry item shelf at your local grocery and you’ll find do-it-yourself dry cleaning kits like TideÃ?® and DryelÃ?® brands. These inexpensive kits usually contain saturated dirt removing pads, a large plastic bag and easy-to-follow instructions. Basically, you use the pads to apply a cleaning solution to any spots. Then, you place your clothing in the bag, seal it up and place it in your dryer.

While these home dry cleaning kits can save you loads of money on your dry cleaning bill, they aren’t suitable for real smelly or heavily soiled clothing.

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