Architectural Salvage: Great for Louisville Building, Restoration, or Design

Architectural Salvage, W.D. Inc. has been serving Louisville design and restoration since 1982. Aside from being a place to shop for that perfect item for your home design or restoration project, it’s also an interesting place to wander or take the kids for a day of browsing. There’s tons of items to pique kids curiosity or imaginations.

Several buildings and 4 yards of stuff add up to 24,000 square feet and an amazing way to spend a day, lost in the browsing and discovery of antique wonders. Architectural Salvage specializes in architectural antiques, reproductions, decorative arts and offers services in custom made stained glass, furniture made from old gateposts and other items, and creating bars and bar backs from old mantles and other salvaged pieces. This makes it a frequent stomping grounds for people with Louisville design, restoration or building projects on their hands. It’s a great place to scavenge for the perfect unique piece to add to your home or business.

Several featured pieces sit out on the sidewalk, tempting passers to enter the salvage yard that is in downtown Louisville. The front of the salvage yard makes it look like a small building, but it’s really several buildings that are attached with four yards behind them. Walking through it is like walking through a labrynth of years gone by.

Upon entering, directly to the left one will see an array of small items such as metallic sculpted roses and different styles of drawer knobs and pulls such as turtles or dacshunds. You may be greeted by two of the owner’s cats, Dusty or Stellar, but they usual find a spot to hide. There are plenty of spots for them to hide, too.

Some rooms are full of items like door knobs, while others may have a combination of tiles and antique furniture. Stain glass can be found in just about any room, sitting in corners or displayed on top of an antique dresser. Metallic decorative pieces, iron gates, wooden mantles and doors are also things you can expect to find. Anyone with an ounce of imagination will find this place quite inspirational and may lose track of time as they get carried away with their daydreaming.

If your Louisville design, building, or restoration project focuses more on a garden or landscaping, there are plenty of pieces to add depth and wonder, making it a unique outdoor work of art. Fountains abound with many different styles such as cherubs, dolphins or even fish and merpeople that are reminiscent of cultures that held high thoughts of Aphrodite or Neptune.

If you’re looking for lighting, statutes, furniture, gates or items like antique cash registers, carnival horses or metallic signs for a Louisville design or building project, then Architectural Salvage, W.D. Inc. probably has something you can use. You may find yourself leaving with more than you went looking for.

Architectural Salvage, W.D. Inc is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 3:30 pm. IT is located at 614-618 East Broadway. More information can be obtained by calling 502-589-0670 or by visiting .

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