Are You Clipworthy? New Social Bookmarking Site

Of course the article you just wrote is “clipworthy.” Aren’t they all? Or maybe that piece you read is so great that it needs to be shared with everyone you know, and those you don’t. You need a social bookmarking site. A long. long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, readers would actually use a pair of scissors to cut an article out of a magazine or newspaper so they could keep it or pass it along to others.

Enter the newest kid on the social bookmarking block: Clipmarks. What differentiates this social bookmarking site from most others is that the bookmark is a clip of an image, a fact, a story or news that can be clipped without bookmarking the entire web page. Snip, snip the virtual way.

Clips, Not Pages

As with other social bookmarking sites, it is the users who determine the most worthy sites. Clipmarks calls it “POP.” When someone sees a clipworthy clip, they “POP it” which sends the clip up to the top of the Clip Exchange where it receives maximum exposure.

By allowing users of this social bookmarking site to bookmark clips and not pages, Clipmarks is attempting to help us through the information traffic jam by providing “a place to rapidly absorb the diversity of information on the web.” It’s like our Internet vitamin.

This social bookmarking site is browsable, searchable and allows you to collect clips, POP clips, comment and find your favorite topics.

Using Clipmarks to Promote Your Content

Sign up with Clipmarks is easy. Type in a user name, password and email and your on your way to using this social bookmarking web site. Once you activate your account through the email Clipmarks will send you, you are on your way to making your own social bookmarks.

Download the Clipmarks toolbar and close and re-open your browser. Follow the simple instructions.

When visiting a site that you would like included on the social bookmarking site, click on the “Clip” to go into clipping mode. Once the text or image is selected, click on save. When selecting a clip for this social bookmarking choose the most compelling part of the article. This is the essence of Clipmarks, to provide the main course without filling the reader up with bread and soup first.

For clips on this social bookmarking site, there is a 2,000 character limit. A window will pop up allowing you to title and tag the clip.

Once the clip has been saved there is an option to add the clip to other social bookmarking sites, send it to a friend or print it. The URL for the clip is also listed.

To check on your social bookmarks, or clips, log into Clipmarks. There is a handy scroll feature for easily moving through a long list of clips. Clipmark also provides a tool for creating a “ClipRoll” for syndicating clips into a blog or web site. This social bookmarking site will create that code for you.

Clip may be organized by tags or by collections, it’s the clippers choice. Users may also select their favorite social bookmarking clippers.

Limitations of Clipmarks

Using Clipmarks as almost a reverse social bookmarking site to promote your content will only work if your content is less than 2,000 characters.

For social bookmarking using Clipmarks, only the following web browsers are currently supported: Firefox, IE and Flock.

During a trial run, this social bookmarking site kept changing its rules. Sometimes it allows the user to “POP” their own clips, other times it does not.

For promoting content and clipping interesting tidbits from around the web, Clipmarks is a useful site. This social bookmarking site stands out from the crowd.

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