iMac with OSX

It doesn’t get much better than a Mac computer, and I love my iMac with its OSX operating system. I got the computer about a year ago, and bought it because it was the last model left, just before a shipment of shiny new models. This one came with a handy $700 discount. But that’s not the only reason I bought it. I was looking to get away from PCs, and I needed something that could handle my increasing freelance workload. Plus, since I dabble in design, the superior graphic quality of the iMac really takes the cake. So, I’ve got a computer I love at a great value. You can’t beat that.

The newer iMacs are spiffy because the entire computer is contained in the monitor. At less than two-inches wide, this flat-screen monitor is a self-contained computer. Plug it in and go. My model comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse, so there are exactly two cords: one to connect to the power source, and one to connect to the printer. The Bluetooth technology that provides me the cord-free mouse and keyboard also allows me to connect to my home’s wireless network with ease.

My work demands a computer that isn’t going to putter out. Most budget desktop computers do just that. Not the iMac. It’s moving along just fine, and it is built to be a workhorse. Plus, with a smoother operating system (OSX starts up much faster and better than any Windows operating system), I don’t waste ten minutes just waiting for everything to load.

The graphics quality of a Mac is also a definite plus. I can create whatever I need to, and Adobe makes a killer creative package that runs on a Mac. I got it for $200 at the local university bookstore (since my husband is a student). Creating magazine layouts is easier with the large flat screen and the easy to use Mac versions of programs like InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop.

Not only is it great to be a Mac owner because of the computer, but I know that the customer service will be great. Mac doesn’t allow just anyone to sell its computers. So, if a problem arises, I will talk to Mac people who do nothing but work with Macs. And, since my iMac came with free AppleCare, if the computer does break down, I’ll get a free replacement. I’ll never buy a PC again.

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