Congoo Search Engine: Google’s Newest Competition?

The Congoo Web toolbar was recently released and could fast become Google’s next competition. Congoo is a unique search engine toolbar that actually allows access behind the closed doors of certain subscription websites like The Encyclopedia Britannica Online, Billboard Magazine, The Hollywood Report and many others. These sites don’t allow regular non-subscription viewers to read most of the content on their sites. These pages rarely show up in search engine results because they can only be viewed by paid members. This is where Congoo comes in. Congoo has obtained permission for viewers to get a look at this protected content in return for the registration information of those signed up to use the Congoo toolbar. It’s a tradeoff actually. The premium sites are hoping that through the use of Congoo more viewers will want to purchase their memberships to have quality content at their fingertips at times plus they get the added benefit of an easy way to gather information for marketing strategies.

Some may wonder what purpose a search engine like this could have. Your average ‘Joe’ searcher may not find much use for it but the Internet abounds with people who would benefit greatly from a search tool of this nature. College students writing term papers, academic professionals, web content writers and other freelance writing professionals could reap the benefits of this new search engine. A Congoo search will probably have a broader search context because it will bring up information that is not found in other search engines results.

Congoo does have their work cut out for them though. Vying for top search engine slots will be a hefty endeavor but CEO Ash Nashed believes that Congoo could become a word that people associate with a “special” kind of Internet search. But with many Internet users becoming more dissatisfied with the top search engines new comers like Congoo just may have a good chance of getting their foot in the door for the top spots.

Some believe that Congoo may have a hard time due to the problems with Napster back in the 1990’s. Congoo’s search technology allows it’s users to share information. Nashed admits that it is possible that some users will gain access to the huge libraries of these paid sites and share it with others but the publishers that Nashed has spoken to have not been overly concerned. While Congoo can not give a 100% guarantee against fraud or users sharing information it will be a legitimate endeavor whereas what Napster did in the beginning was illegal.

Congoo could be the next big search engine to hit the Internet and give the top dogs a run for their money. People will undoubtedly like the idea of getting to look behind the walls of subscription sites before they pay full subscription price. There’s also the allure that users will get to view quality content that they don’t normally have access to.

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