A Review of Apacer’s Handy Steno USB Drives

Apacer offers four different USB flash drives in its Handy Steno line. The two basic versions are the Handy Steno HC212 (Also known as the “Ocean Wave”) and the Handy Steno HN212.

While the creativity in naming their products (and being able to easily distinguish their Handy Steno products apart) might seem minimal, the drives themselves are quite well designed and very attractive. The HC212 Ocean Wave truly gives the appearance of the ocean, with a wavy design in the cap and the device and light pastel colors.

The Handy Steno HN212 is a more traditional design, sleek and dark. The HT202 and HT203 are both made of a more translucent material, with wires attaching to the caps so that caps can’t be lost while your drives are plugged in.

All of Apacer’s Handy Steno USB Drives also come with LED indicators. These are very useful tools that tell you exactly how much data is being transferred in and out of your USB flash drive. This is an excellent little function that you will not find in most other flash drives.

Besides the LED indicator, the Handy Steno HC212 and HN212 offer few other features. However, with their low prices and attractive designs they are still excellent purchases, giving you storage for less than many other brands will offer.

The HT202 and HT203 both come with embedded into the device. This utility offers excellent password protection for your files, as well as file compression.

The HT203 also comes with a handy docking device that makes it easy for you to keep your device stored in and connect to your computer from the dock via a cable. This can make it much easier for you if your desktop is sitting in a location with poor USB access, and might not be able to fit the actual drive itself into the port.

Beyond that, the HT203 also promotes itself as one of the fastest USB drives on the market, which it is, reaching speeds of up to 100 Mb in a period of only 11 seconds, an amazingly fast device. (These speeds are with a USB 2.0 connection).

Apacer’s line of Handy Steno USB drives are an excellent purchase, and should be looked into for anyone searching for a USB drive for their computer.

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