How to Find Cheap Books

I am an avid reader, so I like to get cheap books when I can. Yes, you want to support your favorite authors but sometimes there are ways to do that without having to pay the full price either. I like cheap books because then I can buy more books of course, so the money is going to more authors. These are just a few simple things you can do and take advantage of if you love books and want more but don’t always have the money to spend on the books you want.

First of all, I really love those book clubs. It may seem like a small thing but you start out with getting so many free books and then you pay for one book to start off with. You might promise to pay for three more books or so during the year. A lot of them are hardback editions too. What? Hardback? You mean I might have to pay a lot for those four books I have to purchase to get my free ones?

Not really. I mean you can usually get a good number of books from these companies for free to begin with. You pay what would be full price for the first book, which isn’t all that expensive anyways. So you might be getting six books for the price of one. Wow. That is a lot of books to start off with. Then take a closer look at those book deals in your catalog that you get. Some of them might be for half off or something like that. You can get those three extra books at a good price too. Those book clubs always have great deals for getting cheap books.

If you need more cheap books, check out some of the bookshops online. Amazon online will sell dirt-cheap books and then on top of that you can get more books simply by the savings you get on not paying for shipping. If you spend $25 or $50 on some cheap books, you might then get free shipping. Why not spend that money you would have spent on shipping for more books? I know I do it!

Okay, it might not sound like a big secret, but a number of places where you buy books, like big chain book stores, also give you big discounts. They also give you membership programs sometimes too. Like buy six books you get your seventh one free. Anything like that for an avid book lover like me is really great for getting cheap books and then getting free books on top of that.

The money you save buying cheap books like this can really add up after a while. You would be amazed at the amount of money I have saved over the years just by being conscious of where I buy books and how I buy them. Don’t forget, credit cards these days offer great incentives, debit cards too. So you can use your debit card, buy cheap books and then great rewards back too. Isn’t that a great deal?

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