Filmloop; Expanding Marketing & Advertising Through D2D Photocasting

Founded in 2004, and privately held, FilmLoop Direct-2-Desktop (D2D) technology is bringing advertising and marketing, through photocasting, to a whole new level. Originally created in 1999, FilmLoop fell onto the market five years later, in 2004, by using streaming video photo loop software to promote advertising and marketing. FilmLoop D2D software programs will take the next generation into a new realm of online marketing tools.

With FilmLoop technology, a digital string of images scroll through a banner within a loop of media. The method is commonly referred to as photocasting. FilmLoop photocasting technology enables businesses to increase the visibility of their products offered via virtual set up through the front page of the business’ website. As customers visit the site, the photocasing banner will display the products and services available to their clients. It is through FilmLoop D2D software that customers can select thumbnail images of products and view details regarding pricing as well as the product descriptions.

In terms of personal use, FilmLoop D2D photocasting enables the public to share digital images directly from the personal computer. Sort of a self-publication concept, FilmLoop D2D photocasting enables real time upload of photographs which can then be shared through a social network such as

With over three million users, FilmLoop D2D photocasting offers a guaranteed marketing plan for businesses as well as a personal photo sharing, social network to individuals. With connections and paid advertising from major corporations, such as Hewlett-Packard, Purina and NASCAR, FilmLoop D2D photocasting is free to the public.

Disadvantages to FilmLoop photocasting involve some buffering affects which may delay uploads of photographs and digital images. Additionally, the inability to screen for adult content material and the protection of copyright material is also a concern for FilmLoop. For each of these issues, FilmLoop is devoting countless hours in correcting, developing and improving the software and the service offered to the public as well as business owners.

For Ebay store owners, FilmLoop D2D photocasting offers a great marketing tool by allowing for a scroll marquis photo view of products available to the public for purchase. No longer is the consumer, or buyer, required to search through countless pages in an effort to locate the desired product. By simply monitoring and viewing the FilmLoop, consumers can view all products available through the Ebay store owner, obtain product descriptions and pricing while remaining on the same initial store front web page.

With acquisition of additional investment capital, FilmLoop will continue to develop, expand and improve the online marketing and advertising experience of both consumers and sellers in addition to the photocasting and sharing of digital photos of the general public including the community and personal computer users.

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