Arm & Hammer Essentials Vs. Windex Window Cleaner

A few weeks ago my husband came home with some ‘free samples’ from Arm & Hammer Ã?®. The newest additions to the Arm & HammerÃ?® EssentialsâÂ?¢ line. A starter pack for each cleaning product along with a small cartridge of concentrated solutions.

While I must admit to not spending a lot of time worrying about environmental issues in the past, lately things have begun to change around our household. If for no other reason than taking note of just how often our trash bin filled with bulky hard to dispose of plastic bottles of all shapes and sizes!

At first I thought here are three more bottles to carry to the recycle bins, but on closer observation I noticed some interesting information and ‘instructions’ were also included in the pack! These spray bottles were designed to be reused and the tiny bottle of concentrate cost less than buying a comparable cleanser and tossing yet another non-degradable bottle in the outgoing trash bin!

I have always grabbed the familiar bottle of Windex �® Original Window Cleaner for windows, mirrors or a quick counter top wipe in the past so my first impulse was to see how the new Arm & Hammer Essentials Window Cleaner held up to the challenge of a long neglected mirror in the bedroom.

Following instructions it was a simple matter to fill the Arm & Hammer Essentials bottle with water to the indicted mark on the spray bottle, then removing the twist off cap from the small cartridge of concentrated solution but being careful to leave the seal intact as instructed, I positioned the cartridge seal down over the open spray bottle and twisted it in place until the tiny seal was punctured. This allowed the blue concentrate to mix with the water from my kitchen tap! Removing the small, now empty cartridge and replacing it with the spray top and giving the bottle a shake to mix it all together I had a full bottle of cleanser that looked just like the Windex.

Now came the real test of the dust covered mirror behind my dresser, after taking down the collection of pictures taped to the edges. I gave the mirror a once over spray expecting to have to go at it again to remove the sticky tape residue as I do when using Windex Window Cleaner. To my surprise the entire mirror came clean on the first attempt with only a slightly more brisk rub over the tape residue!

Even though both Windex and the Arm and Hammer Essentials Window cleaners claim a streak-free shine, I often have to work to remove all streaks and cleanser from the mirrors and TV screens in our home when using the Windex Window Cleaners and when it comes to the sticky tape residue often found on that bedroom mirror or refrigerator that comes from grandkids artwork, the Windex Window Cleaner will get it done but not until at least a second spray and scrub session.

In my one on one comparison of the new Arm & Hammer Essentials Window Cleaner and the Windex Window Cleaner, Arm & Hammer wins hands down. Not only because the new environmentally friendly cartridges will cut back on the number and size of plastic bottles going into our recycle bin, but the cost and storage is a nice benefit as well.

Of course this really wasn’t a big surprise as I have used Arm & Hammer baking soda around our home for a variety of uses throughout the years. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda is not ‘just for baking’, for some tips on other uses – look here!

Arm and Hammer has been on the front lines of environmental concerns for years, before many other industries or even the general public began to show much awareness of the environment. The makers of Arm & Hammer began using recycled paperboard for packaging in 1907, launched the nation’s first non-polluting, phosphate-free laundry detergent in 1970, and were the sole sponsor of the first Earth Day.

I know I am going to continue using the Arm & Hammer Essentials Window Cleaner and adding the rest of their new environmental friendly products to my home as well.

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