Artocracy Ties Arts to Ecotrust, as its logo says, is a place where artists and patrons of every income can make the deal in order to create democracy in the art world, one print at a time, according to a recent article.

Artocracy as a concept, after a moment of reflection, speaks pretty much for itself, said writer Allan Shore.

“Accepted artists feature their works in a way that facilitates PDF downloads or professional transmissions to a print and framing house,” said Shore. “Megan Murphy, founder and curator, uses her artistic merit and theologic fairness to determine which artists can post conceptual, representational, or photographic pieces.”

“Some people say I should have made this project a not-for-profit company because I give too much back to the artists,” said Murphy in the article. “But my goal is to make it possible for artists to make the money they need to keep themselves going.”

Murphy said in a recent interview she decided that Ecotrust would receive one percent of its early profits, even though at this point Artocracy is mostly operating on momentum.

Artists wishing to be considered to showcase and sell their work on Artocracy must follow the straightforward review process spelled out on the web, according to Shore.

Artocracy’s visitors also have access to other visual resources such as viewable and e-receivable news briefs.

“I have friends who are working artists, selling pieces for 20 or more years,” said Murphy. “And besides, it’s not like digital access and its creative potential is going to wane if there is no”

Murphy received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Marylhurst University in 1993.

According to Artocracy staff original art is expensive and out of reach for most art lovers but Artocracy is possible for anyone to become a patron of the arts.

“Through Artocracy artists can sell digital artwork at reasonable prices to generate funds to support their work,” their website reads. “With a piece from Artocracy, customers are truly patrons of the arts.”

According to Artocracy literature, Artocracy artists produce digital works unlike those found in other online galleries. With Artocracy, lovers of art can afford to own artwork they enjoy, artists can continue to produce work, and, as a result, our lives are filled with more inspiration, creativity, curiosity, and joy, say Artocracy staff members.

For more information on Artocracy, email or write to Murphy at 2910 E. 57th, Suite 5, PMB 282, Spokane, WA 99223.

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