How to Download Free Movie Trailers

To avoid disappointment, one must always watch the movie trailer before going to the cinema. Although the trailer does not describe the entire story, it gives a very good idea about the main theme of the film.

Have you watched the trailer of ‘The Hobbits’?

It is so fascinating that you will surely want to watch it time and again. If you like the trailer of any movie, you can easily download to your computer or smartphone.

There are dozens of websites that offer free movie trailers. It is not hard to find the preview of any movie, no matter it is brand new or a classic. Most of the websites use a simple procedure to download the movie trailer. All you need is a healthy Internet connection.


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    You can find the trailer of one specific movie from dozens of sources. But to get the best quality, look for the official trailer that you can get from the movie’s official website.

    Even if the movie is brand new, you would find its trailer easily on the web. Just type the movie’s name in the Google search bar, and you will see plenty of relevant links.

    If you are looking for the trailer of an old movie, you can navigate to the official website of the production company that owns its rights. Once you reach the desired page, the rest of the procedure is pretty simple.

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    The website will be offering a special option to download the trailer. Click on the link and the website will take to another page.

    The trailer might be available in different resolutions. The higher the resolution is, the better the quality will be. Try to download HD version of the trailer. It however takes time to download HD trailers, especially when your Internet speed is not good.

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    In case you want to upload the trailer to your blog, try to download the one that is not large in size. Since the HD trailers are very heavy in size, it becomes really difficult to upload them afterwards.

    Furthermore, you may need to get a special permission from the production company to upload the trailer to your website for the commercial benefits.

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    If you fail to find the official website of the movie or production company, visit other relevant websites such as,,, and

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