Top 10 Most Popular English Movies of All Time

Are you looking to watch the best movies of all time? There are tonnes of films made in the past where people have worked so hard to bring in their best performances of all time. Whether it is Health Ledger starring in the movie The Dark Knight, or Leonardo Di Caprio, making his name through the movie Inception.

It’s true that there are several movies to choose from, but there is always a list of the top 10 movies of all time. It’s true that you can’t rank them in order, but you can always rank in terms of revenue, cinematography and viewership that which movie has always been the best of its time. Here is a list of top 10 most popular English movies of all time.


  • 1

    Shawshank Redemption

    This movie is about a prisoner who spends a part of his life in a prison only because he was caught in a murder which he did not commit. He even finds out about the actual killer while he is in jail. The ending, however, is worth watching.

    shawshank redemption
  • 2

    The Godfather

    It’s true that the series involving Godfather became famous, especially after the involvement of Al Paccino. However, the truth is, Godfather 1 takes it away from most of the movies of every era. The acting and storyline is simply superb.

    the godfather
  • 3

    The Dark Knight

    The legendary Health Ledger starred as The Joker in this Batman movie. This is the only reason why this movie became famous. Joker has added a whole new dimension to the storyline.

    dark knight rises
  • 4

    Pulp Fiction

    It has one of the best actors starring in the movie as John Trevolta and Samuel L. Jackson took centre stage and showed the world what exactly they are famous for.

    pulp fiction
  • 5

    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    A 1966 movie which you can watch even today and find yourself entertained. Without a doubt one of the best wild wild West movie.

    good bad ugly
  • 6

    Schindler’s List

    Based on the holocaust which took place in Germany, Schindler’s List has scenes which you simply cannot bear to see yet you want to see in order to know what exactly happened back in the days.

    schindler's list
  • 7

    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

    It’s true that the whole story of Lord of the Rings is extremely well-executed in the three parts. However, the director simply took away all the flaws which were present in the first two parts and worked on them in the last part – Return of the King.

    lord of the rings return of the king
  • 8

    Fight Club

    A story worth watching, Fight Club is a unique experience for every movie lover.

    fight club
  • 9

    Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

    Made back in 1980, the fifth episode of the Star Wars Series was simply phenomenal. The viewership of this particular episode is still present.

    star wars empire strikes back
  • 10


    While people make fun of him not being able to win an Oscar, Leonardo Di Caprio simply outdid himself in this particular thriller.


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