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Q: Why do we go to the club in hopes of meeting someone and then when someone approaches us we diss them secretly knowing we love every minute of their attention?
April, Washington DC

A: The problem is that we as women want the sexy guys to approach us and they don’t. Only the knuckleheads have the balls to approach us. The fine fellas are too busy fixing their hair and clothes waiting for us to approach them. This is one reason why you won’t find me in da club!

Q: Why do nice guys finish last? Why do I have to have a bad boy persona to be with someone, can’t I just be myself and treat someone how I want to be treated?
Dats Jus Swift, Alexandria

A: You may be unattractive or a knucklehead like the fellas I mentioned in the above answer.

Q: Why are there non-skid paperclips? Did paperclip skidding really used to be such a huge problem, or did someone have too much free time?
Lo, Flint

A: Yes, someone did have too much time on their hands just like you!

Q: What constitutes a sell out to you?

I’m so tired of black people calling other black people who become successful sell outs! What the hell? Damn, black people, my people, I hate you most for trying to kill off each other. And you wonder why we will always be seen as buffoons and jackasses?
CB, New York City

A: For me a sell out is anyone that denies their heritage or tries to be something that they’re not! As far as Black people tearing each other down. Read last month’s column. This subject wears me out. The crab in the bucket mentality is killing us.

Q: Is it gay if a guy gets bit on the ass by a rattlesnake, and one of his boys sucks out the poison?
Huey Freeman, Inglewood

A: Yes, and the rattlesnake is gay too!

Education Dangerous Lee Style

AXE, the makers of the body spray that supposedly drives woman crazy have an opportunity open to Black filmmakers. It’s going to be an annual series “to elevate aspiring Black filmmakers into the national spotlight”.

I posted this information on MySpace to the creative masses and I got a couple of responses that really ticked me off. One was an attempt at comedy asking if they painted themselves Black would they qualify! My response was “Was that supposed to be a joke?” Their response was “It was, you’d have to hang out with me more to get it. That’s okay.” What exactly is OK? The fact that you made a dumbass comment and I didn’t think it was funny?

I mean c’mon people when is it OK to make reference to being made up in blackface? That’s not something that you should ever joke about with a Black person. I don’t care how “down” you think you are and I definitely don’t want to hang with you to get a better idea of how ignorant you are! I mean have you ever heard of anyone trying to pass as Black to get ahead?

The second ridiculous response I got was from a guy who was once engaged to a sista who felt that the opportunity AXE was offering was biased and unfair. I told him “Welcome to my world”. He continued to inform me that he knew what it was like in my world because when he was once engaged to a Black woman he and she were discriminated against and he hoped I could see it from his side. Hello! I am a Black woman I don’t need to see it from your side.

Here’s the deal: Opportunities such as the one that AXE has offered are not the same as Whites Only drinking fountains and segregation. These opportunities exist because, and I’ll say this again for the hundredth time, African-Americans are often ignored and not given the same opportunities as their White counterparts. Period. Read your history. Read African-American history. Learn something and stop feeling like you’re being denied access to extra credit opportunities. You will always be the chosen one. I see why the sista stepped out on you.

Furthermore, the world is multi flavored not just vanilla. AXE knows the value of reaching out to all demographics. They want brothas to wear their overrated man scent too!

I want to end by giving a special shout out to Michael Moore. He recently came by The Uncommon Sense offices and spent some quality time with us peons. Thanks, suga and keep reading. We love ya! Thanks for the support.

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