Assisting You in the Sale of Your Home

With house sales down, it is wise to save all the money you possibly can when selling your home. Let me address some things I did to sell my house myself, saving a whopping 6% commission fee. The cost of my efforts was minimal, because all I did was talk to anyone and everyone I came in contact with in my daily living. That communication should be shared with the barber, hair dresser, teachers at school, friends and mailman too.

Check the market to make sure you are within the guidelines of the price you have put on your home. This is one thing that real estate brokers do all the time before listing homes for sale. Checking the newspaper to see what a comparable sized home is listing for can give you quick data in that department. Looking at the neighborhood and inquiring what homes in your area recently sold for is another tool.

Outbuildings do not have significant monetary value, unless they are superlative, esthetic looking, entertaining or have a health value. Things such as a private, surrounded hot tub or Jacuzzi, out door swimming pool, wooden, enclosed sauna or a finished, inviting Gazebo have eye appeal and will increase the price of your home should the right person be house searching.

Yard or curb appeal is of utmost importance. If there are things that you can do or hire to have done, to make the immediate first glance a pleasant experience, do them soon. Many little things can take away money and yet putting on that screen you have been meaning to put back, can make the outside look inviting instead of looking under construction. Buy a new welcome mat for your front of main entrance. That makes a statement all its own.

The main rooms to concentrate on are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Of course, if any room needs a coat of paint, that has to be addressed, without question. It is amazing how a coat of paint can have a really drawing affect on lookers. Choose your colors wisely. Looking in magazines can give you the latest trendy colors that will blend in well with many decors.

Put away unnecessary clutter, stashing some under the bed disguised by the bed ruffle to be hidden from view. In the kitchen, clear things off the counter as much as possible. This gives a roomier feel to that area. Do the same process in the bathrooms. If your home has been your main residence for 10 years or more, you might do well to consider renting a storage unit until you relocate.

Shampoo carpets as needed, removing spots that devaluate the interior. Remove all soiled laundry from the home. It is amazing how old socks have and odor that could chase anyone out of a deal. If old laundry is not removed, one sometimes thinks your house is not well maintained. I mention this twice since it is important.

When you are ready to show your home, take some time and pretend to be the buyer. Clean off the walkway of debris,snow and ice. Put the front light on if it is at night that the house is going to be showcased. Place a fresh bouquet of flowers on the dining room table along with a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter. Just before the door is opened to invite prospective buyers in, boil some water with cinnamon in a pot to add an appealing odor to the home. Good Luck selling your house!

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