Danby Designer Series Free-Standing Dishwasher Review

Not too many people know about Danby dishwashers. They think of GE or Whirlpool, but not Danby. That’s an unfortunate fact because I have found that the free-standing (i.e. portable; not built-in) dishwasher was a lifesaver for me. The cost is much lower than a built-in or even other stand-alone dishwashers.

You’ll need a little background first. I live in a small house with a small kitchen. There is simply not enough counter space for a built-in model. The sinks are practically 3 inches deep and washing dishes was something I dread – not because I am a lazy person, but because the sink is so shallow, only a small portion of dishes could be washed or rinsed at a time, making the process painstaking slow. Not only that, but I felt the dishes weren’t clean enough because they would be sitting in dirty water.

I finally broke down and did my homework on dishwashers. I knew I needed something portable and realized there weren’t that many models on the market and those I could find where poorly reviewed by its consumers. Eventually, I came across the Danby DDW1805W Designer Series Free-Standing Dishwasher, and I am so glad I did.

The Danby DDW1805W is quiet, convenient, and yes, it gets the dishes clean! Did I mention that it’s small? This can be good and bad, but mostly it’s a positive thing. For people like me with limited kitchen space, the dishwasher is compact to fit practically anywhere. It is 35.75 in. in height and 17.75 in. in width, with a depth of 26 inches. And you might be surprised to know that it holds a good number of dishes, too. It also has an adjustable rack height for those large pots.

So you might ask, “How does a free standing dishwasher work?” It’s simple. Roll the dishwasher over to your sink, attach the quick connect adapter to your fact, plug it in and make sure you have dishwasher soap in, and then set it to run. There are 7 wash programs available. The Danby 18″ is EnergyStar rated, which means it’s energy efficient.

The price? About $300. It has plenty of features, is a quiet model and doesn’t take a lot of water to run. Overall, this is a stand-up product (get it? stand-up) that is well-worth the price. I think its of good value to those of us without a built-in or room for a large dishwasher. It has made my life much simpler, so I can enjoy other things instead of dreading doing the dishes.

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