At Last We Meet

I don’t know where I am now. Who am I? Where did this cat come from? I don’t recognize anything I see around me. I don’t even know what I look like. I might look like the neighbor next door, but then again who is the neighbor next door to me? Everything feels strange underneath me. This blanket covers my scarred body, but not entirely. There are only two windows in this room. This might be my room…is someone walking towards here? I think I hear a stranger: maybe an animal, maybe human, maybe nothing else but nature’s voice.

Am I high? Did i consume any type of commonly known illegal substance that has affected my memory? Why can’t I remember anything? This might be a dream, but as for now it seems too real to be an illusion. Any second now I might wake up and forget all that I have just seen. I need to calm down before I lose my cool. “Hello, does anybody hear me?” No response, not yet. As I wait for an eerie sound to disintegrate throught my mind and wake me up, I notice how the room looks so simple and erratic at the same time. The walls are perfectly painted with an angel like white colour. There are no pictures hanging on any of the walls, but there are pictures on top of the dresser. Each picture is colorful, but has no specific focus or detail to it. I am still sitting but also laying on the bed. There is no frame underneath the bed. It is only a queen sized mattress with no sheets. This makes no sense. Will I live another day to figure all of this out?

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