Audio Books and Audible

Audible is an online service that offers audio books, news, and broadcasts. They offer a membership program that allows discounts on their products, or you can purchase material without becoming a member. There is a large selection of material.

Audible offers a vast selection of audio books. Whether you are looking for fiction or non-fiction, Audible has it. Audible also offers both abridged and unabridged versions of many of their audio books. An unabridged version of an audio book is the full contents as the author wrote the book. An abridged version of an audio book is a slightly shortened version that the author has approved.

Audible brings audio books into your home so that you can either listen to the audio books on your computer or download them onto an MP3 player. Audio books make a great companion when traveling on road trips or commuting to work. Keep your MP3 player fully loaded and never be without a great story!

Audible offers three membership plans: The Audible listener, The Gold Membership or the Platinum Membership. Both the Gold and Platinum memberships are available on both a monthly basis and a yearly one. The Gold and Platinum Memberships include a free download, or if you choose just to be an Audible Listener, you will continually get discounts on your purchases. The discounts are worthwhile if you plan on listening to a few books.

One of the other options Audible offers is sound quality. When you buy a book, you can choose to download it in different qualities based on the space you have available. The more crystal clear the recording, the more space it will take on your device. They rate the quality one through four; four being the highest. I do not find a lot of difference between level three and four, and often choose level three to save space.

Audible is one of my favorite sites. I have downloaded more than thirty books from them, and have never had a problem with quality or payments. There is a large selection of audio books and I always find something I like.

Don’t have a player for your audio books? Audible offers deep discounts on some products through out the year, when you purchase a membership. Be sure to see if they are running a special and grab a new player.

Audible is a service you will use time and again. Once you’ve tried it and seen how easy it is to use, you’ll keep returning. Audio books have their own unique style, and listening to a narrator read the book can draw you in. If you haven’t given audio books a try yet, now is the time!

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