Ten Reasons Why You Should Not to Buy the GE 5.8 GHz Cordless Phone

I can remember when if you had a cordless phone in your home that was saying something. They use to cost hundreds of dollars. They have evolved from the lack of colors, big antennas and lack of distance they would keep a signal. We now have cordless phone that will go hundreds of yards away from the base. You can buy a cordless phone that comes with four extra handsets. They have a lot more styles and colors. They come in many shapes and sizes too. Home phone are becoming a thing of the past, and with the one I purchased I can see why.

1. This phone is supposed to be top of the line when it comes to reception and clarity. I have not made a call where the person I was speaking to could hear my clearly. It becomes very annoying having to repeat most of what you say during a conversation.

2. The range on this phone is short also, you cannot walk too far away from the base without the static kicking in and this phone is suppose to be able to go a good distance from base.

3. The price of the phone when we purchased it was quite expensive. It is a single unit phone that we paid well over $100.00, thinking the more you pay the better it should be, yeah right.

4. The buttons on this phone hang up; it takes an act of God to turn this phone on and off. I do not know how many times I have gone to hang up the phone and the person would still be on the phone listening to me trying to turn the darn thing off. Now who wants that? Especially if you do not like the person you were talking too, better watch what you say when you hang up.

5. The buttons on this phone rub off shortly after it comes out of the box. Therefore, you have a brand new phone with no readable buttons. That is exactly what I paid for, a new phone that looks wore out. It is a phone people, not a pair of jeans.

6. The batteries in this GE cordless phone are very short lived. I have replaced enough batteries to pay for the phone over again. If you leave the phone off of the charger for any amount of time the battery goes bad, and then you cannot have one conversation without the phone beeping.

7. We all hate to purchase batteries for cordless phone mainly because of the price. If you are lucky enough to find a battery for this GE cordless phone, you will pay a lot for it. More money spent on an already expensive phone. It is all a racket and we always fall for it.

8. The battery is not fitted well for this phone, you have to, magically squish the wires into the back of the phone to get the cover on. The cover then proceeds to slip off every time you make a call causing the battery to fall out on every phone call. People love it when you hang up on them.

9. This phone is made of hard plastic, as all are, and does not sit well on your ear, if you are on the phone for a significant amount of time you will be in pain. We all have played the switch from ear to ear game. If you own this phone, you will be a pro.
10. The most annoying part about this phone to me is every time it comes unplugged, change a battery, or the power goes off you have to re format the phone. It will not work until you do this and you have to remove the phone from the base and set it back on base before it will work. I have small children so the unplugging issue has been a severe problem.

Now I would not say this phone would be horrible for everyone, I may have just got a bad GE 5.8GHz phone. I have always assumed GE is a good brand when it comes to appliances, but I am not too sure if I will buy another GE phone.

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