Auto Care – How to Get Egg Off a Car?

If you’ve ever been victimized by neighborhood pranksters or vandalism, you’ve likely had your car egged. While discovering an egged car is nerve racking, trying to remove the egg and yolk creates further irritation. The key is to remove the egg stain shortly after the incident. However, if the egging occurred overnight, or while you were out of town, the yolk will crust, making removal twice and hard. Here are a few tips for removing egg from cars, without ruining the paint.

Step 1: If possible, do not allow the egg to sit on the car for an extended period, especially in the sun. Every second counts. As soon as you discover the mess, begin steps to clean the vehicle.

Step 2: Using your hand, remove all traces of the egg shell from the car.

Step 3: Once pieces of the egg shell are removed, clean the egg and yolk from the car using a soft towel. It is important to remove all traces of the egg shell. This way, you avoid scratching the surface of the car.

Step 4: Create a mixture using 1 part water and 1 part vinegar.

Step 5: Soak a towel in the mixture, and place it on the egg stain. You may also spray the mixture onto the car using a spray bottle. Allow the towel to sit for at least 15 minutes.

Step 6: Remove the towel. Dry the area using a different towel.

Step 7: If necessary, repeat steps 5 and 6.

Unfortunately, if the egg was not immediately removed, there may be damaged to the car’s paint. Review your insurance policy or vehicle warranty to see whether car egging is covered. If not, be prepared to pay a hefty price to have portions of the vehicle re-painted.

In some instances, victims have been able to locate the person or persons responsible for the damage. Egging can cause additional damage such as broken windows and dents. Moreover, because egging involves damage to private property, victims can file a police report and lawsuit against the suspected persons. Back in 2004, a group of teenagers from California were caught egging several cars. As a result, they were charged with a felony, and ordered to pay $6500 in damages. Because parents become responsible for the actions of their minor children, it is important to discourage any seemingly harmless pranks or paybacks that involve egging a car or causing damage to other people’s property.

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