Auto Safety:Tips For Driving in Fog

There are many types of dangerous driving situations. Among these includes operating a motor vehicle in the fog. Fog has varying degree. If conditions are mild, the fog will create little cause for concern. On the other hand, if trying to maneuver through dense fog, consider the following tips.

âÂ?¢ When traveling through foggy conditions – slow down. Fog creates low visibility. Thus, accidents can occur regardless of experience. In fact, most fog related fatalities are the result of a careless driver speeding on the highway.

âÂ?¢ Although some foggy conditions will not interfere with visibility, it is important to keep fog lights on at all times. If traveling through thick fog, turn on regular lights. It may be tempting to drive with high beams glaring. However, this could interfere with other driver’s ability to see, which could result in a collision.

� If foggy conditions become intense, pull over and stop driving. Of course, make sure the pull off spot is in a safe location. Whenever possible, avoid the highway shoulders. If the fog is extremely thick, other drivers on the road may have difficulty staying within the lines, and may veer off onto the shoulder.

� Fog is common in cold or rainy conditions. Hence, the windshield may become foggy. To ensure safety, make sure that your defroster is properly working at all times. While driving through fog, keep the defroster on until conditions improve.

âÂ?¢ It’s tempting to tailgate while driving in fog. When visibility is limited, we tend to rely on other drivers to guide us. However, keep in mind that their visibility is also limited. For this matter, do not follow other cars too closely. If a car were to stop suddenly or needed to make an urge maneuver, you run the risk of crashing into the car or something else.

� Rather than relying on other cars to guide you through fog, drive in the left lane, and keep a close eye on the white lines in the road. This way, you are able to remain in your lane.

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