Automobile Storage Space

Before checking under the hood, have a look inside the trunk. Purchasing a car, new or used, is a very personal choice. Some folks are into the design of the car – is it attractive, what features does it boast? Others are into the horsepower, torque and maneuverability. Yet, at some point in your relationship with this vehicle you will be consumed by the issue of storage. Why is automobile storage space important?

The car you drive is more than transportation. It will carry you, your family, your friends and all the articles that have become part of your life. Whether you are traveling for business or recreation, you will be carrying stuff with you. Where will you keep this stuff?

Traveling, by car, for business purposes requires special needs in automobile storage. You must have a place to safely stow your paperwork, computer, samples and other merchandise. The car must also accommodate your cellular phone, eye/sun glasses, jacket, extra shoes, hat and gloves. When looking at a vehicle to purchase or lease visualize your day, or better yet, your week to get an idea of how well the car will meet your travel needs.

Recreation and the automobile demands more for storage and unique handling of equipment. Perhaps you need a roof rack to hold your bicycles, kayaks or snow skis. If you are an active climber, hiker or camping enthusiast you will need plenty of dry storage for your clothing and gear – preferably separate from the main riding cabin. Talk with your family and friends to learn how they have managed the unique requirements recreation now asks of our vehicles.

You are probably not the only one who rides in the car. Children, family and friends will all have their own space needs. Be sure to think about who you spend time with, in the car, and how that might translate into the storage needs of your vehicle. Does your dog travel with you? Animals have space and storage needs too.

What automobile would not be christened without a go at the family vacation and a fully packed car? Safety must come first when loading suitcases, beach toys, bicycles, car seats, baby bouncers and strollers into the car. The car cabin should be able to accommodate all the stowage without blocking vision out any windows; remember to check your mirrors for clear visibility. The trunk or rear compartment (as in an SUV or station wagon) should be packed carefully so articles don’t shift during transit. The highway patrol and other traveling cars would appreciate extreme caution when strapping gear to your roof or rear end. Unlike the National Lampoon Griswold family vacation, it may not be legal to bungee cord large, heavy objects to your car.

Fortunately, most people drive the same car for five years and then get a new opportunity to choose a different design. When the time comes, be sure to consider how you will use the storage space, what you need to accommodate and how often you will be using the car that way.

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