What’s in the Biker’s Survival Kit?

There are instances, when bikers are faced with infuriating problems while in the middle of an exciting expedition. Even little aberrations piss us off. Small discrepancies annoy us. Thus, these occurrences must be avoided. How? – Simply, by carrying a survival kit. So, what’s inside the kit?


Let us start with the tools. To do this, riders must first be acquainted of the right motorcycle parts for their bike, after that they must be ready with their toolkit. Here are the essential tools:

Different kinds of screwdrivers, wrenches (Allen, Torx), adjustable sparkplugs in varying sizes, pairs of pliers (regular, needlenose and ViseGrip) and Loc-Tite to keep fasteners from falling or loosening are crucial to necessary and essential hotels…


Tools are not enough. They must be accompanied by accessories for total enjoyment of the ride. Indispensable accessories must be handy. To name some of these accessories, they are saddlebags where you put other biker stuffs, first aid kit in cases of injuries and bruises, small flashlight, small knife, cellphone, electrical tape, duct tape, bike cover, rags, windshield (especially during winter), water bottle and food containers (also include food and water).


What else can best protect a rider but motorcycle gears and apparel. Helmet, ear plugs for those who have problems hearing the horns and other road sounds, reflective vest to make you highly visible to others, heated clothing (especially during winter time and when your place is experiencing cold temperatures) to provide warmth and to control body temperature, electric vest and gloves, rain gear (during rainy days), boots, tire gauge, helmet extender that slips through the helmet’s ring and attaches to your regular helmet locking device (if you do not have the latter, might as well carry your helmet with you), bungee cords and nets, kickstand plate and more.

Now that you are equipped with a survival kit that contains all sorts of necessary stuffs, you can travel just anywhere to quench your expedition thirst and never worry when some things go wrong.

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