How to Remove Vinyl from an Auto

Removing vinyl stickers from cars might seem tricky but if you have the time and use the proper techniques, they can be easily removed.

Things Required:

– Heat gun
– Plastic body filler spreader
– Adhesive remover
– Paper towels
– Automotive detailing spray
– Microfiber towel


  • 1

    Heat the vinyl graphic that you wish to remove. Use a heat gun for this purpose. Make sure that you do not keep the gun focused at one point because if you do so, you will end up burning the paint of your auto. The heat gun should be set on the lowest possible temperature level.

  • 2

    Pry at the corner of the vinyl graphic with a plastic body filler spreader. Do not use any pointed object for this purpose because it will damage the paintwork. Work carefully on the corner of the sticker until it gets released from the adhesive material holding it in place. After you have raised the corner of the sticker, simply pull off rest of the vinyl sticker, gently. If it becomes tough to remove the sticker while you are pulling at it, heat it again just like you did in the earlier step.

  • 3

    If you end up tearing the vinyl sticker while pulling it off, pry at the corner where the sticker was torn and raise the corner the same way you did before and then pull off rest of the sticker.

  • 4

    Adhesive material will remain on the car body even after you have removed the vinyl sticker. Apply adhesive remover to the area, which was covered with the vinyl sticker before. Give the adhesive remover approximately 5 minutes so that it can loosen the glue. Wipe it off with paper towels.

  • 5

    To restore shine on the panel from which you removed the vinyl sticker, spray it with automotive detailing spray. Polish off the spray with a microfiber towel. Just make sure that you keep turning the cloth so that the clean part of the cloth remains in contact with the paint. Use a new microfiber towel if the first one gets dirty.

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