How to Get a Job as a Wrecker Driver

There are certain requirements to find a job as a wrecker driver. You should love driving and need to be a safe driver. You can seek a job as a tow truck driver if you want to earn money behind the wheel. You need to be dependable and ready to work at all times. You will be required to work really hard and you should be able to drive in various weather conditions. Importantly, the timing will not suit you, and you will no longer be free on holidays and weekends. If you fit the criteria, then you are ready to do this stressful job as a wrecker driver.


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    Get a high school diploma

    It is always in your interest to earn a GED or high school diploma from a local college. On the other hand, also acquire a driver’s license in the state you wish to work in. Be aware that this is the minimum criteria to get a job as a wrecker driver. It is important to have a clean slate in your driving record as well with no drunken driving charges or traffic violations. Keep a police record of yourself that is free of any felony offenses.

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    Get in touch with the transportation bodies

    Contact the local transportation authorities to check if you require a certain license for the state you want to work in. Enroll in a CDL course and get a CDL license. You can also apply for a wrecker driver training course like WreckMaster. These will teach you the rules and regulations, duties and responsibilities of a tow truck driver. Moreover, familiarise yourself with the laws of your country, city and state where you wish to get a job.

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    Perform an in depth job search

    Search for jobs in the routine places like the local newspaper, internet and ask your friends and family about any vacancies. Visit gas stations and get the names of the local towing companies. Check with the local AAA and various other car insurance companies to know about the towing companies they collaborate with. Go to the internet and access resources for trucking jobs and forums for professional drivers for truckers. There you can seek the assistance of a number of wrecker drivers to aid you in your job search. They will be helpful as they went through the same process.

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