How to Be a Sedona Jeep Tour Guide

Sedona is a city in Arizona State of America and is famous for its mesmerising landscapes, unusual climate and hospitality of its natives. In fact, the city was named after a lady who was famous for the hospitality and diligence.

Due to these factors, Sedona has become a tourists’ heaven in real sense. The increasing number of visitors every year is the proof of this fact. Not only the regular tourists but many film directors also head to Sedona for some splendid views of canyons.

Mostly, people hire a jeep tour guide for this purpose and if you are welcoming and adventurous enough then a seat is waiting for you.


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    Know the area:

    The most important thing to become a Sedona jeep tour guide is how well you know the area. Make sure that you have sound knowledge of geography, history and environmental facts of the area. The best way to increase your knowledge is to visit the locations, read the literature about these locations and consult some experienced person. Internet has also become an important and authentic source of information. You will find many websites about the history of Sedona. Gather all the facts and learn them by heart.

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    Apply for a tour guide’s job:

    Next thing you should do is to apply for a suitable position. Though, it can be an uphill task as the success rate is only 50 percent but you can convince the relevant person by presenting yourself with conviction. Try to give an impression that you are outgoing, passionate and responsible. They will test your level of intellect so be prepared. Make them realise that you are motivated, learned person who is also aware of the technicalities of job.

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    Elevate your driving skills:

    Sedona tour jeeps are bit different as compared to regular 4-by-4 jeeps. You must spend hours to elevate your driving skills. This is essential as you won’t get a tour guide’s job without these skills. Moreover, any blunder can risk not only you life but also of the tourists’.

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    Tour with a veteran guide:

    To make yourself well equipped with tricks of the trade, you should assist a senior guide for a short time period. This will help you to understand the mannerism and ultimately boost your confidence. It is mandatory in most of the companies.

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    Keep yourself updated:

    You must have the latest information of the area. Never underestimate the tourists.

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